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Cannaporium was founded in 2016 with the mission to provide high-caliber cannabis products delivered to your door. We love cannabis and we pride ourselves in our fast, safe, secure and efficient service. We are connoisseurs and have selected a range of natural and additive-free products from the best farmers BC has to offer.Each supplier is strictly inspected, and all products are hand reviewed for being high-quality and fresh before delivery. That is why Cannaporium is the best way to get systematically excellent cannabis!

If you need to buy cannabis online, this website is right for you! We propose you the largest variety of cannabis. Here, you can find everything that you need, starting from medical marijuana and ending with the largest selection of indica, sativa and hybrids. In a case, if you do not know what you need, you should understand what the effect you want to get. For example, sativa will help you to get high, enhance your creativity or just will raise your energy and you will be active during the whole day. Indica strains are considered to be a sedative and can put your body in deep relaxation. As for the dosage, it can be individual, but if you are a beginner, you should start with the minimal dose and then decide whether you need more, or it is enough for you.

Free shipping available!

If the price of your order exceeds $150, you will get free shipping within Canada. It means that your order will be delivered right to your doorstep for absolutely free! So, do not waste time and try our service today!

100% Guarantee!

We value and respect each of our client and we do not want to lose any of them! That is why we guarantee 100% safe delivery of each order! In a case, if your mail order marijuana is stolen or lost, we will resend it again for free!

The lowest price!

Be sure, we have the lowest prices in Canada! Actually, we propose you a huge diversity of cannabis strains of any taste! Moreover, our main feature is that we offer high-quality cannabis products at the lowest prices because we understand how important marijuana is for you.

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The biggest diversity!

We can provide you with any marijuana strain you need, just make the order, and we will do our best! Even if you do not know what kind of cannabis strain you need, we will help you to select the right one for you, the one that will help you to cope with your pain and will bring you happiness!

The highest quality!

We collaborate only with honest suppliers, which guarantees the best quality of their cannabis! That is why our product is natural, without any pesticide or other dopants. Be sure, all our product is tested in special laboratories and we have the license to sell it!

So, as far as you can see, we propose you the best cannabis strains in Canada! We respect and value each our client that is why we guarantee the best service and the best products. Do not waste your time for searching places where you can buy any kind of cannabis because you have already found it! We understand how important it is for you to get your quality products in time that is why we use the double vacuum package for your orders to provide the best shipping right to your doors! So, do not hesitate, just try!

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