Beginners Guide to Shatter

One of the most potent marijuana derivatives is shatter extract. This substance is smooth and glossy in appearance and is one form of cannabis extract. Extracts are also known as concentrates or dabs. Several different types of methods extract THC or CBD cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Extraction may or may not use solvents. The techniques used for extraction may involve carbon dioxide, propane, pure hydrocarbons, alcohol, steam, or cold pressing. Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, is a solvent based method most used for creating shatter extract.


The BHO process begins by packing a tube with mature, cured flowers. Butane is then put through the tube. Butane acts as a solvent to dissolve essential oils and other soluble compounds of the cannabis plant. This process strips the THC or CBD cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The unhealthy butane residue gets purged and the resins gathered. The resulting concentrate will have varying hues and consistencies. The hue and physical consistency is dependent on the terpene profile, the solvent used, the evaporation method, the temperature, and the post-processing. The type of strain is the most important factor in determining the effects of an extract.


The leftover resin is often cooled into a glassy, translucent sheet that shatters when dropped — hence the name. Some other names for shatter include “sap” when it is viscous or “pull and snap” when it has a consistency like taffy.


Shatter extracts have the highest potency of all the concentrates. It goes through an extra step of filtration that removes naturally occurring fats and waxes. This additional step maximizes purity but also removes terpenes, which give marijuana its scent and flavour. The entire process produces are pure concentrate at 90% THC or CBD levels.

Shatter Dab


To smoke shatter you can either crumble it into a joint or use something known as a “rig”. These glass devices are similar to bongs where there’s a glass “nail” in place of a bowl. Usually, a butane torch heats the nail to 575-625 degrees Fahrenheit. A heat-proof toothpick known as a metal dabber is used to apply the shatter to the nail. It is instantly vaporized and the result is a powerful high.


Overall, shatter is an extract that is the purest and most potent type of marijuana derivative. The BHO process eliminates fats and other unwanted plant matter. The result is a transparent, easily breakable substance.


Thinking about trying shatter? Make sure you test your tolerance slowly as it is substantially more potent than dried flowers. For shatter and other cannabis products, visit Cannaporium, today!

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