Have you heard the term “microdosing” recently? There’s a good chance you have because this new way of consuming cannabis, which involves taking a small amount in order to reap the medical benefits of THC, while avoiding the psychoactive effects, is growing in popularity. In fact, its practical value is appealing to many new markets and new customers. However, microdosing is much more complex than what your friends may tell you.

There are many different reasons why consumers are flocking to microdosing marijuana in droves. Some feel as though the pain relieving elements are great, others just simply want to stretch their supply to optimize their investment. But, most microdosers just want to boost and sustain the effects of their regular THC consumption.

While microdosing has typically been associated with hallucinogens like LSD, many experts now believe that the threshold for the medical benefits of THC is far lower than many people think. To further this up, microdosing with weed—compared to microdosing with stronger psychedelics, such as LSD is much different. Science has shown that marijuana can safely and healthily be consumed on a daily basis; whereas stronger psychedelics are still in question. On top of that, the sensations one should expect to feel are hugely different.


The Benefits

Below are some elements that many people love about microdosing:

Pick Me Up – Almost all cannabis strains deliver a sense of creativity and focused alertness. Taking a small dose when you’re tiring or anticipating fatigue can help you manage your energy. Plus, cannabis microdosing is a much safer way to increase your energy than microdosing other more dangerous drugs.

Social Butterfly – All cannabis strains promise some level of mood change. Microdosing serves those who need a social boost or suffer from social anxiety, allowing them to mingle and chat with people at parties or other functions.

Stretch the Stash – The size of the appropriate dose depends on the strain’s THC count. Because it affects everyone differently, only trial and error will help you eventually settle on an effective regimen. Either way you filter it down, with microdosing you’ll be extending your stash in a major way.

Reduced Side-Effects – Because microdosing does not get the user intoxicated, there are very little negative side effects such as fatigue or tiredness. It instead smooths and levels the benefits, and any negative effects are hardly felt at all.



A microdose is relative to the threshold dose of a psychedelic—that is, the lowest dose of the drug that creates a perceptible effect. It’s essentially a “less is more” type approach. It still, however, results in a sub-perceptual effect that is subtle without markedly influencing your mood or mindset.

There are numerous methods available for microdosing cannabis, however, it’s important that you’re aware that some are more effective than others. Smoking or vaping is one option. Using this approach, it’s important that you only have one or maybe two puffs, then wait five minutes to feel any effects, and then take another if necessary. It’s important to go slow because it can be tough to precisely control the amount of THC in your system using this approach.

To more accurately control your dosage, using products such as tinctures, oils, or edibles are great. When it comes to edibles, however, users should exercise caution. Untested edibles are especially unreliable in their ability to deliver a low dose of THC.


Microdosing is a growing trend that is showing no signs of slowing. It’s a very logical and disciplined way of consuming cannabis, which goes against the typical “stoner” stereotype.

It certainly isn’t the way to dose if you are looking for a full euphoric hit, or if you’re counting on the full couch-lock chill. But if you’re looking for a way to chill (a bit) and relieve some stress, microdosing could be the perfect way of using cannabis for you!


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