When you are concerned about your dogs well-being, you don’t only have drugstore prescribed drugs to turn to. Learn how you can use CBD oil for dogs and experience the healthy benefits. You are not alone, we have an entire of community of dog owners who trust and use CBD products to relieve the ailments of their furry friends.  If you are spending the time to research cannabis options for your dog then you are likely wondering if CBD oil is safe for your dog. Pet owners use cannabis oil for dogs  to relieve a multitude of ailments. This powerful list of health benefits for dogs includes:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Anti-inflammation
  3. Convulsion
  4. Arthritis
  5. Stress reliever
  6. Antiemetic
  7. Promotes homeostasis
  8. Anticancer effects
  9. Anxiety
  10. Seizure prevention

Within our body are systems and systems are responsible for metabolizing cannabinoids, this system is called the endocannabinoid system. Humans, dogs, and cats all share a endocannabinoid system, so your pet will react very much like a human will when we ingest CBD.


CBD Works For Humans So Why Can’t It Work For Our Dogs?

Millions of Canadians already know the medical marijuana helps millions of patients suffering from all kinds of diseases,  epileptic seizures are just one example. Strains and concentrates that are high in CBD are specifically being used to reduce and better mitigate the number of seizures people and dogs are experiencing.


Veterinarians Approve Of CBD Oil For Dogs:

Both holistic and traditional veterinarians alike are one by one jumping on the cannabis band wagon. Some are even  supporting and even going as far as to endorse the use of CBD oil for dogs. As more research is done and studies are being conducted, veterinarians are becoming more comfortable with recommending CBD for dogs and CBD for pets in general. Unfortunately,  it is still not legal for veterinarians to prescribe CBD oil or cannabis so at best they will likely just say, “it may help or it may not do anything”. Now helpful right? Remember that veterinarians are highly regulated and bound by professional obligation to prescribe expensive medical treatments and clinically tested drugs for pets. Marijuana was just regulated in October of 2018 so in reality, it is just a matter of time before cannabis is clinically tested for use on pets.

CBD Is Not Psychoactive:

CBD is merely a component found in Cannabis and Hemp.  THC can also be found in Cannbis and that is the component that is psychoactive – giving its users a high. When our CBD oil is made, CBD is isolated and extracted the natural flavouring is added to make the final product:  Apawthecary Pet Oral Drops.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog:

Please refer to our dosage charts for more information on safe CBD oil dosages.

What Forms Does CBD For Dogs Come In:

Currently we offer all CBD oil, CBD capsules and CBD treats. Decide which form will be easiest for your dog to consume and order a trial today.


What CBD Dog Products Do We Offer:

We offer two flavours CBD oil for dogs, specially formulated for ease of consumption and hassle-free use. Which flavour do you think your dog would prefer?

We sell Apawthecary Pet Oral Drops – Seafood Medley

Apawthecary Pet Oral Drops – Seafood Medly 120mg


We sell Apawthecary Pet Oral Drops – Bacon

Apawthecary Pet Oral Drops – Bacon 300mg

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