According to a CBC report, at least 7 Canadian large-scale marijuana producers are beginning to move their production operations out of Canada, and into the country of Colombia. These companies have invested at least $100 million into establishing growing and administrative operations in the country, where marijuana costs about 5 cents per gram to grow, as compared to roughly $1.50 per gram in Canada. This news has forced marijuana activists to raise even more concerns about the quality of marijuana that will be sold to Canadians once legalization comes into effect on October 17th.


Previous Concerns

Even before the CBC’s report, activists and consumers had raised numerous concerns over provincial plans to distribute and sell marijuana. Many people believe that handling procedures are not strict enough, which will lead to damaged goods, and that transportation and storage times will be too long, allowing the product to degrade over time and damaging its quality.

Moreover, large-scale growers operating in Canada have also been criticized for their commitment to profits over quality. Production estimates for Canada’s top 10 producers reveal that they will be producing 1.8 million kilograms of weed each year, while consumer demand is projected to be just 734,000 kilograms per year. This means that an enormous amount of cannabis will remain in storage for unknown amounts of time.

Unless cannabis is stored in ideal conditions (dark, cool, mildly humid), it begins to degrade and deteriorate, losing trichomes, and THC content with them. Moreover, marijuana that is left to dry out for too long produces harsher smoke that is more irritating to the lungs and throat. If production is sourced outside of Canada, marijuana quality will be at an even higher risk as transportation times and handling procedures will become even more serious concerns.


Problems With Large Scale Producers

Large-scale producers have also been criticized over the size of the grow operations they run, and the skill level of the employees they hire. While several post-secondary institutions in Canada and the US have begun to offer programs that educate students on growing marijuana, few students have yet to graduate and enter the job market. As such, questions have also been raised over the safety of weed grown under these conditions. A Globe and Mail investigation from June of 2018 found that 3 out of 9 weed samples purchased from local Toronto dispensaries contained bacteria levels that would be deemed unsafe to consume by Health Canada.

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