If you are a constant shower user, then kindly click away, shame on your head! Showers are the Walmart of quality alone time, and bath is a real Chanel. Don’t even dare to argue with me, I will not hesitate to reject the witchcraft you call a “quick washing time”.
Yes, this is not real rage, rather an exaggeration. It will make you understand that a bath is all you need after a hard working week. We all need some good time, some relaxation with a glass of wine, candles and bath foam. But what makes a great, warm bath even more relaxing? Sure, a bath bomb. You may have seen thousands and thousands of aesthetic pleasing videos on Instagram of colorful fizzy balls, nicely dissolving and making the water all pink and glittery. And if you don’t live under a rock, you may have seen and smelled one.
Bath bombs come in all shapes and sizes – cubes, balls, stars, hearts. They have different color (some of them look like they have been made from real gold). They smell differently – from nice mint or lavender organic scents to strong artificial rosy or pineapple fruity tone to them. We can’t call bath bombs purposeless. They are somewhat enchanting to watch – all bubbling and stuff. They exfoliate our skin, containing the ingredients like sea salt, essential oils, spices and even little flower petals. And, most importantly, they calm and sooth, make us relaxed and rested. But what will make us even more relaxed? Weed bath bombs! And this is not a joke.

What is a cannabis bath bomb?

A bath bomb with cannabis, or a bath bomb with marijuana is the same type of decorative ball of sea salt that you normally put into your bath before relaxing, but it’s a thc-cbd infused bath bomb. Or, what you would call it, weed infused. Hope it doesn’t evoke much confusion. Sure, our society of consumers is rather difficult to impress; we have seen it all. But, seriously, a canna bath bomb?! Is it even safe? Yes, it is completely safe and no, you are not supposed to smoke it afterwards.

How cannabis bath bombs work?

First of all, let’s say that you will not get high from sitting in such a bathroom. The reason lies in the fact that topicals (cannabis-infused decorative cosmetics) don’t bring euphoria as you are not letting the components directly into your body. We previously detected that you don’t smoke it, right? Neither do you inhale it and get high. This innovative means of alternative cosmetology resemble essential oils of frankincense and sandal tree. They don’t bring you euphoria, sadly or luckily.
By the way, the hemp oil is a unique food product with many beneficial properties, besides it is an amazing natural remedy. Despite the established dubious reputation, it’s worth taking seriously the fact that many of its beneficial properties and effects on human health are invaluable.

The benefits of using cannabis bath bombs

Let’s dive into history to make sure cannabis extracts were truly beneficial from the dawn of times.
For example, Pliny the Elder in his work “Natural History” described hemp seeds as the most common subtype used as both a food and a drug. In the works dated 2800 BC, the use of cannabis oil was mentioned as a relaxing procedure in the Chinese Ming Dynasty.
Over the centuries, the healing properties of this oil have helped people cope with various ailments, and today there is no information about the health hazards of using hemp oil, on the contrary, it has scientifically proven beneficial effects on the health of children and adults.
Today, the cultivation of cannabis is very difficult due to all kinds of bureaucratic obstacles and the requirements for the observance of various conditions for the protection of crops. Yet the interest in hemp oil grows year after year, as its dietary, cosmetic and healing properties outperform even the flaxseed oil, which is used in a similar manner. Cannabis bath bombs effects were a thing and now their properties are recognized all around the world.

The effects of cannabis bath bombs

The balanced content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp oil, which has already been mentioned, contributes to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and the nervous system, obesity.
Natural antioxidants, which are found in cannabis bath bombs, prevent premature aging of the skin, as vitamins and minerals that are rich in hemp oil, are essential to any person, especially during critical periods of life: prenatal, child, adolescent, and senile.
Essential fatty acids are crucial for the health and elasticity of the skin, hair and nails. They supply oxygen to each cell of the skin, purify the arteries, strengthen the immune system, and prevent viruses and other threats to the immune system. The hemp quickly restores the broken lipid barrier, thus calming the dry, peeling and irritated skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin with inflammation. Alpha-linolenic acid, in the form of hemp oil and infusions, gives it high regenerating properties, helps to limit the loss of moisture from the surface of the skin. The effects of cannabis bath bombs are proven.

How to use cannabis bath bombs?

Just like you would normally do with other bath bombs. Just place it under a stream of warm water, or, if you have a baked bomb, throw it into a bath and call it a day. In 3-5 minutes, the bomb should bubble, and then dissolve into water, leaving a light scent and a color (whatever type you have chosen).

Best cannabis bath bombs

  • “Flowerchild” Bath Bomb
  • 420 Buzzy Bath Bomb
  • Heart Bath Bomb
  • Relieve Bath Bomb
  • CBD Swirl Grapefruit Bath Bomb

Risks and warnings

At first glance, it is possible to think that fragrant bombs can be used by anyone without any restrictions, because they consist exclusively of natural components. However, in nature, there is a series of contraindications groups of people. For example, some essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women. Honey, spices, herbal ingredients are contraindicated for allergies, etc. Therefore, carefully read the composition on the label before purchasing. In addition, doctors advise to be attentive to the duration of taking the bath: do not lie in water for more than 25-30 minutes, making sure that it is not too hot. And if you suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, you should forget about similar procedures at all. Also, if you have allergies to cannabis or it stimulates your nervous system in an unwanted way, it is worth seeing a physician.

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