In this cannabis for beginners guide, we are going to look through all about weed and how to smoke weed for the first time. Actually, there are a lot of reasons why people start consuming cannabis. The first reason is due to the medical prescription. From the medical side, it can treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc. Moreover, cannabis is considered to be a real problem solver when it is going about cancer treatment. People also use it to put by the pain after the Chemotherapy. Some patients even have thought that without cannabis, they would not have coped with cancer. However, it can cause people to get pleasure and feel a relaxation.

What are cannabis/marijuana/weed and its other names?

Cannabis, marijuana, weed and many other names, is a psychotropic drug made from the cannabis plant created for medicinal or entertaining usage. According to the weed guide for beginners, the main psychotropic part of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol. Nevertheless, it is one of 482 known ingredients in the plant, containing at least 64 other cannabinoids. It can be consumed by vaporizing, smoking, adding in food, or just as an extract.
Usually, cannabis is consumed for its intellectual and physical impacts, for example, to get a “high” or “stoned” feelings, a general perception change, euphoria, and better appetite. You can see the effect in minutes after smoking, and in one hour after consuming. It can be lasted for about two or five hours. As for the short-dated side effects, they are:

  • Red colour of eyes;
  • Feelings of psychosis or fear;
  • Reduction in short-dated memory;
  • Dry lips;
  • Aggravated motional abilities.

As for the long-dared side effects, they are:

  • Addiction;
  • Reduced mental capability in teenagers;
  • Behavioural troubles in children whose mothers consumed marijuana while being pregnant.

In accordance with some surveys, they have found a severe connection between the risk of paranoia and marijuana consumption, although the cause-effect binding is discussed.

Why is cannabis so popular?

Actually, there are some factors why cannabis is very popular nowadays. So, let’s look through each of them! In the beginners guide to cannabis we can point out the following:

1) Notwithstanding the fact of being assigned in the highest range of the Controlled Substances Act, labelling it as a drug with no approved medicinal usage, it has a history of medicinal usage and essential records, which proposes it actually does have some medic uses.  From the medical point of view, such diseases as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain can be treated by cannabis or at least it will help you get rid of the symptoms.

2) It is a natural product, and consequently has a comprehensive history of safety human usage.  Nevertheless, natural drugs have been everywhere for a long period, and we have had enough time detect which one is safety and which one is not.  Cannabis has a long enough history of medicinal and essential usage for us to get a real understanding of what its risks for our health are.

3) Basically, it is a comparatively weak drug with rather moderate side effects and breakaways in the context of unlawful drugs.  Tetrahydrocannabinol has an almost unachievable fatal dose, and breakaways are not hazardous and decline very fast.  It is impossible to absorb enough weed to die (the fatal dose of Tetrahydrocannabinol is in the several hundred milligrams per kilogram of body weight).  In fact, amphetamines and opiates can have exceedingly hazardous removal symptoms, and what is more, is that it can be overdosed on from an eventual dose.

4) It is comparatively easy for a permanent consumer to act in society.  In general, it is not for smokers who try to do everything feasible to be permanently high the whole day, but still, even daily use can be sustainable, in the respect that it is in the evening throughout the whole week.  To be a weekend smoker is likely to be a weekend drinker.

5) It is rather easy to get in comparison to many other unlawful drugs.  This one is quite self-explanatory.  It is like a cycle.  The more spread it gets, the more accessible it becomes, and, finally, the more famous it becomes throughout the world.  However, it is rather easy to produce it.  When it is not an easy thing to grow really great weed, it is rather easy to grow weed that just works.  Moreover, it is really easier to equip a grow room and produce good weeds than to equip a meth lab.  In a case, if you live in a medical state, it is not difficult to receive a special cannabis card.

Main reasons to use cannabis

Everyone has some habits. Speaking about bad habits, such as drug consumption, we should mention that each bad habit has some reason. In this cannabis guide for beginners, we are going to look through the main reasons to consume weeds.

1) Marijuana is mostly consumed as medicine.

2) Cannabis can help to reach the effect of tetrahydrocannabinol, the major psychotropic chemical in this weed.

3) Marijuana can be consumed when people try to cope with disturbance, the stress, ache, fear, or fury connected with psychological, personal, and family cases.

4) Modern world maintains cannabis consumption.

5) Weed can be consumed due to the lower perception of damage.

6) Some people cannot miss the opportunity just to try marijuana.

7) Cannabis can be consumed because of peer, family or role model impact.

8) Cannabis could be used in a case if people were born with or develop definite personality measurements, such as non-standardization, which make cannabis consumption available and possible.

9) Cannabis can be consumed because of people’s curiosity.

10) Cannabis can be consumed when people want to relax.

Cannabis strains: types, meaning, differences, uses, effects, etc.

Like many other things in our world, weed has a big number of diversities. In this marijuana guide for beginners, we are going to look through the main species of cannabis: sativa, indica, and hybrid.

Actually, sativas are mostly known for their “pine” smell and encephalic high. While smoking sativa, the high’s effects are mostly felt in your head. Sometimes people prefer sativas to get their constructive essence outflowing. Others choose them in order to achieve those cheerful, great feelings. Usually, sativas have a big number of tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical, which makes you high. Sativas inclined to be more encephalic, constructive and elevating.

Speaking about indicas, they are mostly known for their bright colours and body high. Almost all the “purple” strains of weed related to indicas. While smoking an indica, your body becomes full of high’s feelings. Sometimes people prefer indicas to cope with the pain or in a case when they need help to fall asleep. Actually, indicas have CBD, the chemical, which is often glorified for its medicinal purposes. Basically, indicas cause appeasement and dreamy feeling.

A lot of experts admit cannabis hybrids as its own species through its unique features and phenotypes which differentiate it from cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Hybrids of various pot strains also subsist that mix the impacts. Some ambulant clinics have a “house” mix. Those are usually hybrids.

Indica sort of weed is known for being physically putting under sedation, ideal for relaxation with a movie or just as a night cap before sleeping. Sativa sort of cannabis characteristically affords more healthy, raising encephalic impacts, which match good with physic activities, societal meetings, and creating programs. Hybrid sort of marijuana tends to be someplace in the indica sativa classification, relying on the features they take after their origin strains.

Due to these deliberated distinguishes, medicinal sick people consuming weed to get rid of all irritating symptoms and circumstances can also review a sort’s categorization. People who suffer from tiredness or melancholia can consume a sativa throughout the whole day, and one more that treats ache and sleeplessness would prefer an indica sort at night time. As for the high CBD sorts that are chosen by people who treat convulsion, fear, ache, and some other feelings – can be of both classes, but propose minor to no psychotropic impacts.

This categorization has been existed lengthy than you could ever imagine: first taxonomical differences betwixt cannabis indica and cannabis sativa appeared in the eighteenth century, in time the distinctions betwixt their form and pitch manufacturing were firstly born in mind. The hybrid class was accepted afterward, as gardeners started combining genetics of various geographical positions.

However, indicas are seemed to have their origin in the Hindu Kush district nearby Afghanistan, the place where they elaborated heavy covers of the pitch as shielding contrary the severe weather conditions. As for the sativas, they flourish in moderate regions nearer to the equator line.

Additionally to distinctions in geographical origination, sativa and indica weed sorts have some other individual features:

  • Appearance – indica and sativa herbs have distinctions in form;
  • Blossoming period – sativa herbs have a more prolonged maturity round than indica herbs;
  • Harvests – indica sorts incline to generate more sizable harvests than sativa sorts;
  • Flavour – indica and sativa sorts incline to have distinctive flavour outlines.

Cannabis tutorials for beginners:

  • THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the foremost cannabinoid, which will make you high. Tetrahydrocannabinol is considered to be an ache reliever. On the other hand, tetrahydrocannabinol is accountable for the munchies and short-dated memory mislaying;
  • CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the cannabinoid most quoted for its medicinal usage. Cannabidiol has helped cope with an ache, decrease fear and even has antioxidant features;
  • CBN, also known as cannabinol, is a cannabinoid mostly detected in cannabis products. But still, you will never get high while smoking hemp;
  • CBG, also known as cannabigerol, is one more cannabinoid, which also has medicinal properties. Cannabigerol can help people with irritated bowel syndrome and glaucoma.

What are parts of plants uses?

Actually, the cannabis herb vegetates on a high, subtle stalk. The popular fanned sprout foliages cultivate from this stalk from something hight a junction, and the flowers grow from this that can distinguish each herb from the succeeding one. It is the characterization of the flower, which can really do each sprout herb individual in its demonstration and features.


As for the cola, it is sometimes belonged to as the final sprout. It is precisely where the smoke female flower blooms from. Usually, there is the main cola at the highest part of the herb, also known as the apical sprout. Actually, it is the main sprout because it is commonly seemed to be the largest and the weightiest one. Nevertheless, colas cultivate far down the stalk on other limbs. Various cultivating technologies and crop technologies let gardeners increase the size of the colas and make them rise larger.


While the cola is the final part from which the flower blooms, the calyx is the factual sprout itself. It is such a part of the herb, which is normally cultivated to get the ultimate output. That is why if you are smoking cannabis, all the graciousness just comes out of this part. Usually, they are tiny, pear-shaped papules and they fully cover the colas. You know them as sugar leaves due to their sugary pitch cover. Basically, they consist of a big number of tetrahydrocannabinol and different cannabinoids.


Speaking about the pistils of a marijuana herb, they are cultivating out of the calyxes and the colas and sometimes can be called as “hairs” due to their appearance. Actually, when the herb is just starting to grow, they emerging as hairs of white colour, and ultimately they are changing their colour into orange, red, and brown. This is the pistils, which are searching to be fertilized by a male herb. However, the pistils do not comprise any cannabinoids or terpenes. That is why they do not provide anything from the points of flavour, odour , or impact.


Actually, the trichomes used to be the prize, which almost all gardeners want to have in a very large quantity on their sprouts. Indica diversities are commonly deep in a pitchy coat of trichomes. Usually, it can be the tiny, crystal-like (also can be in a milky colour) balls of pitch, which rise throughout the sprouts, foliages, and stalks. It is an interesting fact that the cannabis herb generates all these as a protection system from predators, but happens to be the very thing that people are searching for. The trichomes are full of tetrahydrocannabinol, as well as the things accountable for the vivid smell of cannabis, which is called terpenes.

Fan leaves

As for the fan leaves of the cannabis herb, we should point out that they are also very important for gardeners. Actually, they are not just great for producing juice, edible, and many other cannabis outputs, but they’re extremely wonderful. They look like the digitated, fanlike foliages, which are growing lengthwise the stalk and from the ground of the colas. Usually, they change in their structures and, though most contain five fingers, there can be found some of them, which have seven or more. Fan leaves used to be a popular sign of the cannabis herb itself and a rather special feature of it.


Usually, seeds are gathered from cannabis herb for farther cultivation, and the remaining material, such as stalks, can be used as a plant fertilizer or just recycled for other aims. The usage can be detected for each part of the marijuana herb. Moreover, the waste products, which are produced from stalks, can be used the paper production. That is why cannabis is one of the most diversified herbs all over the world.

Forms of cannabis

Due to the widening of the legitimate marijuana industry, more and more weed products are appearing on the market and upstairs ambulant clinic shelves. According to the beginner’s guide to cannabis, the most spread forms of marijuana are the concentrate, edible and flower.


As for the concentrates, they are obtained throughout a withdrawal process where marijuana herb’ most medically useful ingredients, cannabinoids, and terpenes, are detached from needless herb material. In the result, we will get a concentrate, which will be packaged full of cannabinoids, and more powerful than flowers.

Actually, marijuana concentrates are classified as non-solvent and solvent ground and belong to the withdrawal procedure. However, several of the most famous solvent concentrates utilize ethanol, CO2, alcohols, and butane for the production of infusion, beeswax, shatters, hash-oil, etc.

By the way, non-solvent concentrates are gotten simply. Some of such experiences have existed for many years. One more, is that non-solvent concentrates comprise ice water hashish and kaif.


When a female marijuana herb has maturated, gardeners undercut the flower to make what we cited to as sprouts or nugs. These sprouts are covered with a crystal-like pitch, which is called trichomes and are full of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. In general, there are two main sorts of those flowers: sativa and indica, and hybrids, which are a mix of those two sorts.


As for the edibles, they are any foods pervaded with marijuana using fats such as olive oil or even butter.

Genetic of cannabis (what influences the system?)

Whereas genetics take a decisive part in defining our physic features (the type of our skin, the colour of our hair, eyes, etc.), it is the same situation in flora. For this reason, marijuana gardeners, in general, are preoccupied with the genetics of their herbs, as they have a crucial impact on the consequences of their harvestings.

The genetical firmness of the herb is determined by two main conceptions: changeability and predictability. Though, before giving an explanation of these terms, it is important to make clear several things, which will help us understand the genetic of cannabis.

The phenotype is the outer demonstration of the genotype. In other words, it comprises the physiologic and morphological features of the organism in question, defined by its genotype, in connection with its environs.

The genotype is the genetical code of a certain organism; in other words, its DNA code.

From the agronomical viewpoint, the higher genetic stability is the best thing. Gardeners who work to provide the marijuana industry with new sorts try to make them as stabilized as feasible. It is just because only with stabilized sorts it is feasible to ensure that the seeds located on the market will generate the herb that the client searches.

The first factor is landrace. Its diversity is a wild sort that has been grown in a simple way in various districts throughout the world, where marijuana production is used to be a tradition from ancient times. The gardeners of landraces have usually been regional farmers who have slowly chosen those herbs they detected better than others, grounded on special features, commonly those, which adapted better to the geographical location, the climate, and the environment. Therefore, a landrace marijuana sort is a genetical group, which has been created by the gardeners of that breed of marijuana, which has a rather wide genetical band width.

The second factor is cultivar: a sort grown for the goal to increase the homozygosis rate of the herb’s genotype. Nowadays, there are diversities, which we can find on the market. They are more stabilized sorts, which ensure special parameters in the herb’s phenotype.

Cannabis for beginners

In most cases, a bad first practice can be the last one for some people, and they just drive out marijuana from their lives forever. Actually, the main reason for this is the worried, paranoid side impacts related to the tetrahydrocannabinol, but what beginners may not understand is that there are several ways to reduce those disagreeable feelings.

We have already looked through all about marijuana, and now, we are going to look through how to use cannabis for beginners. But first of all, you must understand the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Legality in Canada

Speaking about the legalization of cannabis in Canada, it is important to point out that weed is commonly belonged to marihuana, and marijuana, in its turn, is legitimized just for medicinal goals. Moreover, there are certain restrictions described in the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), which are published by Health Canada. Actually, the growing of the marijuana is recently legitimized in Canada, but it is only for the licenced cultivation of seed, grain, and fibre.

How to legally get first medical cannabis?

So, how to get medical marijuana in Canada? In this beginners guide to medical cannabis, we should firstly focus on the legal part of this issue. Due to the Canadian law, there is only one lawful way to get medicinal weed – is with the help of an accepted doctor who will round out a medicinal prescript providing the patient’s admission to medicinal weed. Then you will have to visit a specialist who gives a prescription and what is more, is that this prescript is put with a federally ordered licenced gardener.

When you get your prescript, you will have to hem it with the certain licenced gardener, and only then the medicinal weed will be booked online and supplied to you by mail. Moreover, with this order, they will give you their special Medical Marijuana Identification Card, which you will use next time while ordering it again. So, as far as you can see, there is only one method of how to get medical cannabis in Canada.

How to use cannabis for beginners?

The main principle for selecting the dose of medicinal cannabis is to start with a lower dose and slowly to take more until the impact of the first time is fully achieved because the impacts of marijuana are not immediate. However, beginning with the lower and going slowly lets patients adapt to the various practices they may have.

Marijuana has a broad limit of safeness, and there is a restricted risk of overdose. Nevertheless, carefulness is guaranteed until a person completely realizes the impact that the marijuana can have. Actually, the measuring differs notably among people, even when they are trying to cope with the same disease.

Where to buy cannabis in Canada?

As it is possible only with a medicinal prescript, your doctor will order it online, and they will send it to you by mail. In a case, if you just want to buy it without any medical prescription, you should understand that it is illegal.

How to smoke weed for beginners: Or what tools are needed?

When you are the beginner in this sphere, you may face some difficulties. That is why we are going to look through how to smoke weed for the first time.

First of all, it is important to mention that joints are the easiest and the most portative and compacted of all the smoking matters.

You may have heard about a “left-hand cigarette”. Usually, joints are just marijuana rolled into a fine, cigarette form. You need to light it from the one end and then breathe in through the other one. So, joints are the easiest method and are perfect for share.

The next type of joint is blunt, which is rolled with a certain kind of wrap produced of tobacco.
The third type is bong (also known as a water pipe), is a big pipe made of plastic or glass, which uses water to filtrate cannabis smoke. You should add water to the basis of the pipe, and then haul the smoke across the water to filtrate it. Bong is considered to produce more pure smoke as the tar and ash, which would usually go right to your lungs, will get trapped in the water filter.

As for the pipe, it is a bit smaller than a bong and does not demand any water, making it perfect for traveling. It is mostly made of glass or wood and can be detected in a diversity of colours and designs. Usually, pipes have a bowl at the one end, where the weed is put. You must light the bowl with the help of lighter or match while breathe in the smoke through the other end.

Please Note: smoking itself can be severe for your lungs — particularly for the first time use. That is why it is better to take little smoke when you are the beginner. Breathe in too much puff at once can induce exceeding coughing and lead to inconvenience.

It is not a surprise that smoking cannabis too often can induce bronchitis or inflammation of the lungs. Bronchitis usually starts from a persistent coughing and phlegm extraction.

The new method of smoking marijuana is vaporizing. When the oil gets heated, the vapour is extracted instead of puff. While vaporizing the oils of the marijuana are “boiling” producing a mist that is unharmed and safer, and what is more, is that the vapour is better than smoke. Nowadays, there are many various kinds of vaporizers to select from relying on your taste and way of living, comprising desktop vaporizers, vape pens, and portable vaporizers.

So, cannabis has intoxicant impacts and can cause the addiction. Moreover, smoking is dangerous to your health at all. Cannabis is legal in Canada only for medical purposes. It could not be used by human beings, which are breastfeeding, pregnant, and children. Cannabis can be used only by adult people (who reached 21 and older). Do not forget that it can aggravate judgment, concentration, and coordination. But still, if you decided to use it notwithstanding all the facts, you should not drive a car or machinery under the effect of this weed.

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