Cannabis comes in different shapes and sizes. It is good by itself, as an infusion, even as a bath bomb. Weed is something that people use on a daily basis in order to overcome anxiety, relieve stress and generally feel good after a long working day. Kush is nice to smoke when you are sitting alone in a warm cozy room, filled with this unique smell. It is fun smoking together with your friends and lovers. So, as we can see, cannabis is a multitasking weapon, aimed to defeat all sorts of life inconveniences. But what king of kush is the best? Which was meant for relaxation and what type of weed will help you add a little bit of spice and flavor on an everlasting party? This article is intended to teach you about the sorts of cannabis and help you find your favorite one, as well as provide comparison of cannabis.

From a legal point of view, hemp is not divided into varieties; there is only one species – Cannabis Sativa. Regardless of the effect of cannabis, its origin all plants are classified as Cannabis Sativa. However, each culture has its own specifics of growth, development, and genetics, therefore those who are more familiar with cannabis divide it into 3 types:

  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • Ruderalis

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa – a kind of marijuana that got to Europe from hot equatorial and tropical regions. Initially, the culture was considered exclusively as a crop for making yarns and paper. The Chinese, who were engaged in the mass cultivation of cannabis, called their land “a country of mulberry and hemp.”

A little later, the medical side of cannabis, namely painkillers, was discovered. Since then, Cannabis Sativa has begun to play the role of an analgesic. Sativa resembles a tall slender palm tree (from 1.2 to 4.5 m) with long interstices and sharp foliage. The culture blooms and develops longer than other types of cannabis. The active plants contain about 10-15% THC and very little CCD.

Cannabis Indica

According to historical data, the plant came to the civilized world from the Indian subcontinent from the Hindu Kush mountain plains. Bushes of Indica grow to 1.2 m. The leaves are large, wide with a high content of chlorophyll, which is expressed in a bluish-green hue. The bush is rather branchy, with large dense inflorescences. The plant ripens from 6 to 9 weeks, depending on genetics. Aromatic palette is not as varied as sativa, but still Indica exudes sweet fruit aromas, rarely – stench. Most of the indie species are resistant to mold. The content of THC is high (up to 25%).

Cannabis Ruderalis

Usually, Ruderalis is seen as a wild marijuana. It originates from the northern regions. Due to the climatic conditions in which the Ruderalis has grown over the centuries, it has a special vitality, unpretentiousness to the conditions of breeding and a short flowering period. Culture grows slightly below the Indica. The bush forms small-thickened leaves and small accumulations of seeds. Ruderalis ripens a little faster than Indica: from 4 to 8 weeks. The content of THC in Cannabis Ruderalis is very low, therefore it is not used as a separate species, but is well used in combination with other cannabis species.
,h2>Cannabis comparison by strain

Here is a little marijuana comparison table that will regard different characteristics. Cannabis strain database shows that various sorts of weed obtain drastically different qualities.


For whomSativa is meant for people in a state of deep and continuous depression, people with a lack of ideas – “creative stupor”, melancholic people and PTSD patients.Indica is suitable for people who suffer from anxiety disorders, panic attacks, insomnia, general stress and other psychological problems.
EffectsSativa gives a recreational effect, staying in which you can cope with everyday affairs, of course, with a smile. Sativa influences the mental state of a person, gives a stream of thinking and a strong euphoria. Cannabis sativa, unlike Indica does not make you “stoned”, but on the contrary, invigorates and inspires. The active stuff easily removes from depression and creates a background for a quality party.Indica can cause a heavy, relaxed state, “stoned”, sativa, on the contrary, rather gives a state of emotional recovery and euphoria. Again, it all depends on the variety, the Indica has long been crossed with all kinds – afganika, ruderalis, sativa, to achieve a wide variety of results. Pure Indica is meant to cure anxiety, sleep disorders, trepidation.
Benefits1. Feeling of well-being;

2. Lightness, positive and purposeful thoughts;

3. Stimulates and energizes;

4. Increases attention and creativity;

5. Deals with depression.

1. Relieves pain in the body;

2. Relaxes the muscles;

3. Relieves spasms, reduces cramps;

4. Relieves headaches and migraines;

5. Relieves anxiety and stress.

UsesSativa can be used in different ways: smoking, vaporizing and oral ingestion. Ointments are also pretty common. Indica can be consumed as follows: smoking, vaporizing, oral ingestion. Indica oils can be added into a bathtub, infusions can be added into anything, from bath bombs to cookies.
THCHigh percentage (5-31%)High (up to 22%)
CBDRelatively lowRelatively high
Indica %30%25%
Sativa %70%65%
Price$20/gram $11-15/gram

Comparing cannabis strains is approximate, because all the qualities depend on the sort and the state.

Choosing the best strain

What kind of marijuana is better? The question is not entirely correct. It is more correct to ask yourself: how to choose a variety of cannabis, which is best for me?

If you smoke a lot and you do not get stoned, look for varieties of marijuana with a high THC content. If you like the effect of “an endless rave,” do the same thing. If you are not spoiled with kush, do not pay too much attention to the “power” of the species, it is better to look for something with an interesting effect.
Sativa strains are always good for parties and noisy gatherings, as they tend to start conversation with an incredible speed. Indica, on contrary, is recommended to take before going to bed as it has a strong relaxing effect.

Believe me; you will not even have time to count sheep.

So, cannabis is pretty easy to choose and to smoke. Hopefully, now you may know a little more about all the types, effects and benefits. It should be easy to make a right choice, depending on your cravings and desires. May the good kush be with you!

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