There are certain countries where the production and application of such plant as cannabis are outlawed. At the same time, each coin has a reverse side. In this case, the mentioned herb is widely used for the treatment of specific diseases. On that account, it is essential to know onions on the topic related to marijuana and its species with two major ones under names of Sativa and Indica.

What Is Indica?

This marijuana type grows short and wide in cold and turbulent conditions of Asian mountain regions. According to the name, first plants were found in India. Visually, this type of cannabis is characterized by wide, broad leaves and deep color. You should also know that the herb has a high level of cannabidiol and thick tetrahydrocannabinol.

People opt for Indica for treating insomnia and coping with different pain. The plant is also known for its sedative effect. Therefore, it is intended to be used right before the sleep.

What Is Sativa?

If you compare this type of cannabis with the previously mentioned one, the first difference is visual. Sativa leaves are often used as a print on T-shirts and versatile labels. Light color, long and thin leaves are distinctive characteristics of Sativa. Besides, the plant grows higher and buds are taller.

The vegetation region is not limited to Southeast Asia but also includes equatorial areas of Central America. Besides, this plant can boast of a long history since it was discovered in 1753. Unlike Indica, this marijuana type is known for stimulating awareness and boosting energy. So, placing Sativa versus Indica can be referred to as daytime vs nighttime. Still, that would be described later on.

How Indica Works

When you smoke Indica, you experience a strong physical body high. Relaxation is the top word to describe the major effect. Besides, not only the physical aspect including muscles, seizures, pain is relieved but also such abstract feeling as stress or anxiety. If you are looking for a chill-out and sedative effect, that cannabis species is exactly what you need.

The best time for suing weed is evening or night. Naturally, nobody forbids you to get high in the morning or afternoon but be prepared to experience a tremendous relaxation and somnolence. In addition, touch, sound, and taste sensations are increased.

How Sativa Works

The most interesting thing is that the difference between Indica and Sativa effects is direct opposite like day and night. Actually, Sativa is intended for daytime activity. You might smoke Indica before going to bed but you will hardly have a tranquil sleep.

This weed is considered a fit for creative activities like writing, painting, composing etc. A Sativa high is associated with the boost of energy and uplift. Besides, it is often prescribed for people suffering from depression. Put in short, the type of cannabis can be described with the following epithets: creative, cheerful, energetic, alert, sociable, and euphoria.


As you can see, there is a polar Indica Sativa difference in terms of appearance, effect, properties and even secondary aspects like flowering time and form of buds. Let’s have a short look at the major ones.


Despite the fact that cannabis can be found in most spots of the globe, the origins of two major species are limited to several locations in Asia, Central America, and the Middle East. Thus, you can encounter Indica in Afghanistan, Turkey, and Morocco while Sativa is widespread in Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico.


You do not need to have special equipment in order to differentiate both marijuana species since one can do it by eye. The shape of leaves differs a lot. Thus, with Sativa vs Indica be sure that slender leaves indicate the second type while thick leaves are the hallmark of Indica.


Saliva is not suitable for growing indoors due to a large size of the plant. In fact, it can reach 20 feet compared to maximum six feet for Indica. Now, you will hardly muddle both plants.

Time of Flowering

Another peculiar feature to differentiate two major marijuana types is the time of flowering. Please, do not confuse it with a growing cycle. Flowering is a period when buds are produced. Hence, the period is followed by harvesting.

Sativa requires more time to wait before gathering yield – up to 16 weeks. This term is lower for Indica – not more than 12 weeks.


Naturally, the larger plant – the larger the harvest size. Still, if both species are approximately equal in proportion, Sativa provides more yield than Indica (3 ounces/pound vs 2 ounces/pound).


Everything is quite simple here. If you want concentration and energy, you need Sativa. The opposite effect (relaxation, somnolence, sedation) is achieved by the use of another species.

Symptom Relief

At the same time, both types of cannabis are successful to relieve pain, nausea, loss of appetite and others. Still, if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, Sativa is not the option since it is a fit for fighting depression and miscellaneous mood disorders.


It goes without saying that each plant offers own peculiar flavor. If you like sweet traits like strawberry or blueberry, Indica is a perfect solution. In that sense, Sativa resembles pine, which is characterized by an earthy flavor.


In the world of marijuana products, other names of the said species are often used. These include Kush for Indica and Haze for Sativa. You can also encounter other names used for these plants like Northern Lights, G-13, White Rhino, Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, White Widow etc.

The Effect Differences

We have already described the principal difference between Indica and Sativa high that relies on two opposite feelings. The first one is all about relaxing the body including a positive effect on versatile pain and stress. The second one is the energy boosting to stimulate creative activity and awareness.

At the same time, a certain feeling is not the major benefit of herbs. The most important thing is what symptoms can be relieved and what health issues can be solved. Still, let’s save it for last.

Negative Effects Comparison

The difference between Sativa and Indica is revealed through not only positive points but also negative reactions. For example, sedating effect provided by Indica can be rather heavy with the feeling of stoned. Oversedation is also a con. Moreover, despite the positive effect on coping with miscellaneous pain, depressive properties can be observed with Indica resulting in the lack of motivation for even routine tasks.

Everything is no so great with Sativa either. People can take it to have an energy boost. Still, paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks are possible in case of overdose. Those who have issues with social anxiety should keep away from that species.

Which One Has More THC?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the best-known cannabinoid found within the weed. To make you understand, it is the primary psychoactive compound. It is usually rivaled by CBD or cannabidiol to define the effectiveness of a particular plant. Anyhow, you should understand that the rate of the psychoactive element is the indicator of the potency of the chosen cannabis.

Having Indica versus Sativa regarding the rate of tetrahydrocannabinol reveals the confident leader. The Indica THC level is much higher if compared to its competitor. Yet, certain sources claim that Sativa excels in CBD level. On that account, the potency of both species is completely opposite.

Indica vs Sativa: Flavor

A variety of strains can boast of versatile flavors. At the same time, most distinctions are subtle. Naturally, if you chose a particular strain with a flavor like blueberry, no questions are attached. Still, original weed in review falls into two categories: sweet (Indica) and earthy (Sativa).

The Differences in Growing

It is quite obvious to see dissimilarities in growing both species if they are potted side by side. It is less likely since they require different conditions such as ambient temperature, lighting, watering etc. Moreover, the resulting plants won’t look alike. Sativa can reach 20 feet height while Indica is three or four times smaller. Such small dimensions make it perfect for growing in limited-height areas. Yet, the height is not the only peculiarity of the said species. Let’s see have a look at another one.

Indica vs Sativa Buds

Leaves are different as well as buds. Indica buds are known for a strong fragrance. The shape is also specific and characterized by the lack of intermodal gaps and high density. Besides, they weigh more than Sativa buds known for having either reddish or purple hue regarding the environment temperature.

Flowering Time & Yield Size

Despite the dissimilarities in flowering period, the overall growing cycle is similar. Indica plants need more time to grow and the smaller flowering period up to 65 days. Sativa plants grow faster but flowering takes more than two months (up to 90 days). So, the claim that the short flowering term makes Indica a preferable weed among breeders is not the truth. A large yield does.

You can read approximate rates of harvest taken from both species. Still, if figures are not for you, bear in mind that Sativa lags behind its competitor almost twofold regarding the yield size.

Visual Differences

Know you have a full picture of both species and their appearance. On that account, you will hardly muddle them if encounter in reality. Here are the top visual differences to remember:

Indica vs Sativa

  • Deep color – light color
  • Wide leaves – thin leaves
  • Dense, plump buds – airy, tall buds
  • Small plant (up to 6 feet) – Tall plant (up to 20 feet)

In the beginning of the publication, we promised to explain curative benefits of each cannabis species under review. It is time to accomplish a promise and answer the question “Why and when should I smoke cannabis?”

When You Should Smoke Indica

This species is a night-oriented solution providing relaxation and rest for your body and thoughts. The focus is made on coping with versatile pain (mostly physical). At the same time, stress and anxiety are also relieved by the use of Indica.

When You Should Smoke Sativa

The opposite scenario is observed in the case of Sativa. It is not recommended smoking that cannabis type in the evening. Considering properties of the weed (energy boost, concentration, raise of physical activity etc.), one should use it in the daytime. Sativa makes focus on dealing with mood disorders like depression or fatigue.

With miscellaneous differences mentioned above, a reasonable question arises “Are there any similarities between the said species of marijuana?” In fact, there is definitely one. A high from smoking either Indica or Sativa causes an appetite stimulation. Otherwise speaking, you’d better arm yourself with tasty and wholesome victuals to cope with the upcoming hunger. Be careful and avoid the so-called goodies, which can affect your body shape and lead to excess fat accumulation.

What Does Indica Treat Best?

Both species show a right spirit in helping with versatile issues, it is important to know which type is suitable for a particular disorder or disease. Here is what Indica can relieve:

  • Miscellaneous body pain
  • Spasms
  • Seizures
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Other benefits include relaxation of muscles and treatment of lupus, nausea, sclerosis, and fibromyalgia.

What Does Sativa Treat Best?

The opposite effect provided by Sativa results in different issues to deal with. Unlike Indica, that species is known for curing mood disorders and providing additional energy to an individual. Medically speaking, Sativa helps to treat depression and particular behavioral and mental issues. Other pros such as providing the feeling of extreme happiness, uplifting thoughts, energizing, stimulating, increasing creativity and concentration are a pleasant bonus.


What conclusion could one make after reading the present publication? There is both no encouragement for smoking weed and any call to refuse it. The readers who live in countries with outlawed marijuana should not mess with authorities and earn additional troubles. On the other side, if it is legal, you have a chance to experience all positive benefits listed above. If you hesitate which cannabis species to choose, this publication should be a decent aid for you to make a proper choice. Be healthy and happy.

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