Dabbing is concentrated forms of cannabis that is made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent like carbon dioxide or butane and placing it in an extraction machine. What is left is the sticky oils and are popularly known as wax, shatter, or hash oil. For recreational use, they are heated on a hot surface, usually a nail or a knife that has been stuck into a stove coil element then the smoke is inhaled. House of Glass Extracts has created some of the best shatter we have ever tried.

What is Dabbing?

In general, Dabbing is vapourizing condensed cannabis, probably in the kind of Wax or Hash, by putting it on a highly hot metal element, which is known as a Nail and breath in the fabricated vapors.

How are Dabs made?

The process of Dab making is rather easy. First of all, the Nail is warmed through the Blowtorch. Breathing this Harsh and condensed form of cannabis can induce someone to cry and rub somebody’s teardrops off while cougHing and using a Bong.


What are the reasons to dab?

Actually, there are several reasons why people dab. They are:

  • When you cannot fall asleep
  • When you just want to do it
  • When you need to relax your body
  • When you need dab effects;
  • When you want to get high.

Dabbing Equipment

1. “Absolutely Universal Titanium Nail”.

Actually, you can take any Titanium Nail with all dab rigs or water pipes, if there is a Glass on the junction. Match that with the long-running grade of a “Titanium Nail” and you’ll get it.

2. “Quartz Banger Nail”.

As the Dab Nail takes the chief impact of the warming from your “Butane Torch” during Dabbing, the device is not ideally defended. When you Dab for several years, the “Vapor Bong’s Point” will start to loosen. Add to your Bong needful place with a “Quartz Banger Nail” that has a special basin hanging at an Angle far from the junction.

3. “Torch”.

The coolest thing of smoking is that it leads a constructive usage to the long-immersed “pyromania”. The Torch is usually utilized to warming the Concentrate Nail, thus it can evaporate the Wax. A qualified Torch provides a firm hold and heaviness.

4. “Silicone JAR”.

Actually, Dabs can be quite adhesive that is disgusting. The large toughness of concentrate wax seems that it’s hard to pill up while melted, what happens without heating because of its lower melt temperature. The one stuff, which melted Concentrate Wax will not adhere to is “Silicone”. It makes a “Silicone Jar” an indispensable part of Dabbing.

5. “Dabber”.

In fact, you will need a tool to pick up the Concentrate for the Dabbing procedure, which is called a “Dabber”. They can be in all the standard smoking stuff: Titanium, Glass, Ceramic, and Quartz. As for Glass and Quartz, they are good for esthetic and warmth-resistance, but still, they aren’t as hard-wearing as Titanium. However, titanium is not only durable, but also, it conducts the warmth. As for the ceramic, it is something medium: not as powerful as Titanium but it is much powerful than Glass and Quartz, and does not conduct the warmth too much.

6. “Carb Cap”.

Actually, to warm a Nail is not an easy deal. A lot of dabbers have lost out on valuable extracts because of the under-heated Nail (that can lead to slowly flaming extract that cannot be completely breathed in) or the over-heated Nail (that can lead to quickly flaming extract that instantly evaporates and pollutes the Nail). A “Carb Cap” can compensate for Dabbing faults by coating the Nail and in such a way picking any arising steam.

7. “Dish & Dabber Set”.

Nowadays, you can find different tools for dabbing process. That is why it will be better to purchase your equipment in special sets. Dishes afford an appropriate receptacle to put your liquid dabs during the smoking process. With the help of such sets, you’ll not need to pick an accurate quantity of extract while dabbing.

8. “Reclaim Catcher”.

A running component of dabbing tries to maximize the quantity of steam that is breathed. Of course, a lot of dabbers are not satisfied that valuable extract oil can be lost while leaking into the junction. “Reclaim Catchers” are the Glass stuff, which branches out of the corresponding sized junction, and includes a Dish that is joined to the bottom of the junction. Basically, all surplus extracts will get into the “Reclaim Catcher’s Dish”, and it can be reused later. Moreover, it prevents your junction from marking by oil.

9. “E-Nail Kit”.

Actually, the future is coming! Forget about simple nails and try e-nails. e-nail combines the importance of an extract Nail and a Butane Torch. E-Nail comes with the Power Box, which you can insert into any outfall. You can choose the temperature for the Nail and wipe out the extract when it is ready.

10. “Honey Bucket”.

Basically, you can control the airflow. The more you shut off your steam and make a void, the more of a potent breathe you’ll have. The “Honey Bucket Nails” add some guarantee that you’ll gain the best out of your Dab. You need to warm the Bucket of the Nail, put Dabs in the center of the Buckets, put down the Buckets into the domes with the handles, and then coat them with your “Carb Cabs”. It will make an ideal void and your steam will not escape.


Where To Buy Shatter For Dabbing

We offer a variety of different premium shatters for you to try:

Phantom OG Indica Shatter

Wonder Woman Hybrid Shatter

Snoop Dogg OG Indica Shatter

XXX OG Indica Shatter

Superman OG Indica Shatter

House of Glass 5 Flavour Sample Pack


Pros and Cons of Dabbing

In fact, there are both pros and cons of smoking dab. So, let’s look through these sides.


Pros of Dabbing

There are many advantages of Dabbing process. Here are the main of them:

  • It decreases the risk of lung damage related to the simple smoking.
  • It can be an effective means of getting rid of pain and serious chronic medicinal diseases.
  • Some ways of Dabbing don’t produce cannabis smell, dissimilar smoking, which produce a strong flavor.


Cons of Dabbing

However, there are some disadvantages:

  • When the oil used for dabbing is not of high quality, the process may cause damages because of the high levels of butane.
  • It is not for those who have an allergy to Butane and other toxins that are in Hash Oil.
  • It may cause some side effects (such as fastened Heartbeat, Paranoia, loss of Consciousness, Tingling Skin Sensations, and Hallucinations).
  • It is a much expensive method of cannabis consumption because you need to buy not only high-quality marijuana oil but very expensive equipment as well.
  • It is not for those who require a high CBD production because almost all Wax products are high in tetrahydrocannabinol.


Risk of Dabbing

In general, there are some possible dangers of dabbing cannabis. They are:
– Increasing of the toleration to the elements.
– Through the high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in a Dab, your body can get used to that level of tetrahydrocannabinol and demand it more to receive the same feeling of reassurance. That is why it is not for those who consume marijuana in rare cases.
– It is not hard to over consume tetrahydrocannabinol by Dabbing due to the quick delivery of the high concentrations.


What do the doctors say? Is dabbing bad for you?

In general, Dabbing is not something new because it has been practiced since 1970. According to some experts, it was widespread because of the commercial productions and appearance of Legal Medical Cannabis and legalization cannabis consumption. The primary purpose of the marijuana consumption was to help ill people to cope with their serious diseases.
But speaking about dabbing for medical administration, there are not enough researches that have been carried out about the benefits and downsides of dabbing. In fact, dabbing is not worse than any other methods of marijuana consumption. But still, it will be better to consult with your doctor before you dab.

Best Practices For Dabbing

#1: Proper Torch Safety.

When you are fulfilling your t0rch with Butane, make certain that the nozzle and the plug of your Torch are consistent to preclude Butane from leaking out that can cause a flame. That is why make certain that everything is fine, and the Nail is abstracted to preclude any misadventures during dabbing process.

#2: Dosing: Begin Tiny, Get Bigger.

The perfect dose to begin dabbing is just to coat the end of your Dabber. After that, you’ll see the effects, and then you can take bigger numbers till you count the most suitable for you.

#3: Lower Temperature.

While Dabbing the lower temperature, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of Dabbing like evenness, flavor, and impact.

#4: Just Clean the Dabber after each Hit.

All your equipment should be cleaned after the dabbing. Also, it is very significant to keep it from children and pets, so put it in a safe place.

#5: Beware of the Nail.

Put the glass away from the corner of the table not to knock it over or even to grab it by the junction. It will prevent your hands from gaining of enormous scars.


Tips & Recommendations

First of all, it should be mentioned that for good dabbing you need high-quality cannabis oil. The next what should be mentioned about is equipment. Of course, you should buy only quality equipment and clean it after each usage. And you should follow all rules to do it as saflye as possible.

So, now you know the main advantages and disadvantages of dabbing. If you want to try it, you need just to take good cannabis oil, prepare the equipment and enjoy dabbing process.


House of Glass 5 Flavour Sample Pack

Snoop Dogg OG Indica Shatter


Wonder Woman Hybrid Shatter

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