Does Weed Tea Get You Higher than Smoking It?

Does Weed Tea Get You Higher than Smoking It?

Until recently, cannabis tea was very popular mainly among supporters of the responsible use of marijuana and minimizing damage to the body. But this product is becoming more popular every day, attracting the attention of all cannabis consumers, regardless the way they like to consume it. Could it be that the effects of cannabis tea are stronger than the effects of using this product in its pure form? Does weed tea get you high? Read our new article to finally get rid of doubts.

What Is Weed Tea?

Cannabis tea has a rich and ancient history. This statement may seem strange since the use of weed in this way is considered a bit unconventional today. Nevertheless, there is historical data that allow us to conclude that this drink was popular in ancient China. During the archaeological excavations in China, there were found cannabis remains, which later dated between 10,000 and 2,000 years before Christ. People knew about the miraculous effect of cannabis in ancient times, but one question remains open to historians: how exactly did the people of antiquity use cannabis?

There is no clear, scientifically proven answer to this question. But what do we know about the culture of consumption of various plants that exists in China? The Chinese people have achieved perfection in the brewing of various teas. They were able to brew leaves of various plants, extracting from them unique flavors and tonic or relaxing effects. It is logical to assume that cannabis was no exception and savvy inhabitants of ancient China enjoyed the leaves of this plant and all its awesome medical and recreational properties.

Today, the recipes of weed tea have somewhat changed (people have learned to extract THC from cannabis more efficiently using high temperatures), but the essence remains the same: cannabis tea is a drink based on cold (yes, it also happens) or hot water with the addition of cannabis in raw form or as an extract.

Why Weed Tea Is So Popular?

The number of people who use marijuana for medical purposes is growing every day. It is noteworthy that this growth is not limited to any social class, as it was just recently. Today, no one will be surprised seeing an old woman who likes to spend time with her grandchildren and cook a brownie with cannabis. No one will make a negative statement on the habit of a hypothetical professor at a prestigious university to smoke a joint on his weekend. In many parts of the world, cannabis ceases to be a sign of marginalization. This plant came out of the shadows and was followed by its lovers.

Recent scientific studies, which one by one confirm the effectiveness of marijuana in the treatment of a truly impressive range of diseases, forced those who had recently treated cannabis with disapproval to change their attitude. Someone uses cannabis exclusively for medical purposes, someone relaxes with it after a hard day. But not everyone likes to smoke cannabis, although this is considered a classic way of using. But almost all people love to drink tea. Even the most convinced snob won’t look at the person drinking cannabis-infused tea with disapproval. Even the most desperate hypocrite will not resist relaxing a little with cannabis if you do not need to smoke because you can brew in your favorite cup in the most usual way.

In addition, brewing weed tea opens up opportunities for exploring new flavors. You can add other plants, cook it in different ways and achieve different effects from consuming. Weed tea is becoming more popular because it is a new, aesthetic and effective way of using pot, which is suitable for any purpose – medical or recreational.

What Goes Into a Weed Tea?

“Will putting weed in tea get you high?”. We are sure that you heard this question dozens of time, but few of cannabis consumers have univocal answer on it. Time to change the situation.

Contrary to popular belief, the making of cannabis tea is not a complicated process. In addition, you will need a minimum of ingredients, which further simplifies the cooking technology. The most important thing to have is cannabis infused butter and ordinary tea accessories: clean water, a teapot, a favorite cup, sugar or honey. The only difficulty that you may face is the lack of ready-made cannabis butter. In this case, you should postpone the tea ceremony for a while and make this product.

There is nothing complicated in this, the process itself is quite simple, but requires patience. You will need the following ingredients: butter (one package), your favorite sort of weed (you can put as much pot as you like, but we recommend starting with small portions – up to 1 gram), a glass of clean water and a pan.

Further, it is necessary to mix all three ingredients in a saucepan, boil over low heat for two to three hours, constantly stirring it to prevent burning. Let the mixture cool down, strain it through gauze into a container and put it in the refrigerator for the night. This will separate the precious butter from the water. In the end, cannabis butter will harden and float on the surface of the mixture. Separate it from water and use in the way you like.

Can weed tea get you high when smoking? The answer is yes if we’re talking about tea made with cannabis infused butter. But effects may seem too potent.

If you do not want to feel high, but you appreciate cannabis for its medical properties, then you do not need cannabutter. It is enough to have half a gram of stems, leaves and/or buds. All you have to do is pour the milled marijuana with hot water (but not with boiling water, otherwise you’ll start the decarboxylating process and THCA will turn into psychoactive THC) and brew the drink for 5 minutes. By the way, increasing or decreasing the brewing time allows you to change the strength of the sedative, body relaxing effect of weed tea. So does weed stem tea get you high? Not in common sense of this word, but you’ll surely feel that deep relaxation.

You can add any other sorts of tea to get new flavors and tastes.

Physical Difference In System Between Drinking Weed Tea/Smoking Cannabis

One of the main differences between the physical effects of drinking cannabis tea from smoking it is loyalty to the system. Despite the extremely low toxicity of cannabis smoke to the body, it is still harmful. Yes, it is not as harmful as tobacco, but anyway, there is some damage to the body you may want to avoid. Cannabis tea does not affect the respiratory system, it does put tension on the lungs and does not cause vasospasm, which occurs when you inhale even a small amount of smoke.

The next important difference is the time of onset effects from the moment of cannabis use. If you smoke it, you’ll feel the effect of marijuana very quickly. Usually, this happens in the interval of 5 to 15 minutes. There are strains that begin to act instantly. Depending on the metabolism of a particular person, the time when the smoke starts to act may vary, but these indicators are insignificant.

In the case of weed tea, all magic sets in much slower. The fact is that the gastrointestinal tract needs much more time to absorb the active elements of cannabis and integrate them into the system. Thus, the time of appearance of the first sedative effects is significantly increased.

In addition, hemp tea has more pronounced therapeutic effects for the gastrointestinal tract. Marijuana excellently removes nausea, but consuming it in the tea form, the effect is achieved more quickly and reliably. This drink helps the body cope with chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, beneficially affecting the microflora and the functional properties of these organs.

So do weed tea get you high and affect you as potent as raw cannabis? Just listen to your body after drinking a cup of this drink – it has the right answer for you 🙂

Does Weed Tea Get You Higher Than Smoking Cannabis?

So how high does weed tea get you? The answer to this question depends on the recipe for making weed tea. If you make a drink with the addition of cannabis oil, the effects will be stronger and much longer than from smoking. The effect of this tea is very similar to the effects of cannabis infused edibles. The potency of the drink will depend directly on the quality and quantity of the marijuana oil. The more you put, the more emotions you get 🙂

Another important point: when you drink beer and at the same time use this or that type of cannabis, it is important to take into account the effects of both substances, otherwise beer with a high alcohol content, along with a sedative indica can send you straight to bed, no matter how good their taste may combine. Similarly, it is worth considering a tea variety. The main factor in this case is caffeine. If you enjoy black tea with a very high level of caffeine, you can mitigate the “jumping” energy by relaxing indica effects. Or if you are drinking white tea in which there is no caffeine at all, but you are not ready to go to sleep yeat, a hybrid with a dominant sativa genes can prolong the pleasure.

Different herbal teas can also act in different ways. Some calm the mind, others help to relax physically, while others just simply help system digest food. Many of these effects can be a pleasant addition to terpenes, which modify the effects of marijuana strains. Chamomile, for example, has bisabolol, which is responsible not only for the fragrance but also for the relaxing effect, like the Blueberry.

This drink has nothing to do with exact science, each person experiences individual effects from both marijuana and tea. The main thing is finding the combination of products that suits your goals the best. If you are happy – it means everything is good, you’re doing right!

So does marijuana tea get you higher than smoking it? Check it by yourself! We recommend you to try these combinations: Green tea with the Blueberry Kush, juicy and fruit indica is perfectly combined with the light, herbal taste of green tea. This is a great combination for a cozy evening at home.

Rooibos and Sour Diesel – rooibos, known as red tea, which comes from the African red bush, combines a ton of antioxidant properties and has a rich taste of black tea. Together with the mood-lifting effect and, at the same time, caustic, earthy and satiric Sour Diesel – they perfectly stimulate your creative nature.

Comparison Effects of Weed Tea And Smoking

1. Effects of drinking weed tea are softer and smoother than with smoking.

2. Does cannabis tea get you higher than smoking it? Yes, it does in one case: the duration of effects from tea, brewed on the basis of cannabis butter, is longer and more intense than when smoking.

3. After smoking cannabis, even if it is sativa and you experienced the strongest high effect, characterized of the potent euphoria and increasing creativity, there is a period of recession, which is expressed by a feeling of fatigue. When the effects of cannabis tea come to an end, there is a feeling of “renewal” and a willingness to engage in intellectual or physical labor activity.

4. The sedative effect of drinking tea lasts longer and has stronger therapeutic properties than smoking.

Experiences Of Drinking Weed Tea

Most often people report their successful experience of using weed tea for medical purposes. Many cannabis users suffering from chronic diseases with pronounced pain syndrome note that one cup of not the most potent cannabis tea removes pain for 5-6 hours. It is noteworthy that the pain is not simply muffled, but it completely disappears.
Many people like that weed tea provides a sedative effect but does not make you stoned. This makes it possible to remain attentive, feeling at the same time a deep relaxation.

Sum Up

If you have not tried cannabis tea yet, it’s time to change it. The making of this drink is a pleasant, intriguing process, and its result in the form of a good mood, pleasant state of health and relaxation will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated cannabis gourmet.

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  1. Colin 10 months ago

    If I’m trying weed tea for the first time and have only smoked one hit a few times in my life. How much should I use? Like half a gram to 3 cups water and boil it?

  2. Scooby doo 9 months ago

    I went tripping balls the 4th time i made weedtea, the first 4 times I made the tea not too strong but the 4th time i put 7 grams in 5Liter water andlet that shit simmer for more than 45 minutes. Me and al my friends drank like a liter per person and we al tripped the fuck out. Like some real spacey lsdtrip kinda shit

  3. MIG 7 months ago

    I’ve noticed that cannabis tea makers strain the leaves from the tea, is that necessary? Can I get higher by ingesting the leaves as well?

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