How To Get THC Out Of Your System

How to Get THC Out of Your System Overnight

When you smoke cannabis, the main active substance called THC remains in the body much longer than the high-effect lasts. There are situations when this fact can bring you a lot of trouble and you do not know what to do. We studied all methods of excretion of THC from the body in order to collect the most important and verified information in one guide and give you an answer on how to flush cannabis out of your system overnight. Hopefully it will help you.

How Long Does THC Stay In Your System?

Knowing how to get cannabis out of your system overnight starts from understanding processes set in you after making a puff.

The time period during which THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can be detected is related to your health and lifestyle. Here are the main factors that affect this:


Metabolism. This factor directly affects how quickly the last traces of cannabis use disappear from your body. Metabolic indicators are very individual and they depend on several factors at once: your sex, weight, height, genetics, and lifestyle. If you have a fast metabolism, the body will remove traces of THC and its metabolites in a few days. If the metabolism is slowed down, it will take more time. It is noteworthy that this factor is very difficult to influence because it depends on the parameters laid in you by nature. So learning how to flush THC out of your system in 24 hours begins from learning your metabolism ability.


The amount of fat. After cannabis enters your body, THC is deposited in fatty tissues. The greatest concentration of this substance is observed in organs with bulk fat tissue. Recent studies have shown that THC may be delayed in the body of people with excess weight up to a month.


Frequency of consumption. The more often you use marijuana, the more THC is deposited in fatty tissues. Therefore, if two people stop using cannabis in one day, but one of them consumes more often than the other, the test results will be different. So learning how to get THC out of your system overnight is meaningless if you consume cannabis everyday.


Amount of THC in a strain. The content of THC in the strain affects how many metabolites of THC remain in your body at the end of the high effect. If you use a variety with a high THC content, its indicator in your body will be corresponding.


Lifestyle and sports. Regular exercise reduces the amount of fat tissue in the body. Consequently, the indicator of THC contained there also decreases. However, this is true only in the long term prospect. Recent researchers have shown that physical activity next day after using cannabis can increase this amount. So physical exercises are not suitable as an urgent measure before passing the test for THC.

How Much THC Is In My Body?

If you want to determine the concentration of THC in your body independently, we will disappoint you. This task requires appropriate equipment and laboratory conditions. You can only guess if your body has enough THC to be seen on the test. If you use marijuana frequently (once or twice a week and more often) and at the same time lead a sedentary lifestyle, the concentration of THC in the adipose tissue of your body will be quite high. Naturally, the amount of THC that can be found in your body also depends on genetics (the ratio of THC to CBD) of cannabis strain that you consume.

How Do Drug Tests Detect THC In Your System?

So next step in learning how to get rid of THC out of your system fast is understanding most common THC test types.


Contrary to popular belief, this test does not directly identify THC in the body. Its task is to find metabolites, substances called THC-COOH. These are the decay products of THC formed by the action of enzymes secreted by the liver.

This is the most common test for THC, as it is convenient, economical and quite accurate. Most employers prefer it.

The most common cutoff for urine tests is 50 ng/mL, while 20 ng/mL and 100 ng/mL are less common.

Blood Test

This test is most often used as an emergency measure, since traces of cannabis in the blood can only be detected within 24 hours. It is noteworthy that this test is able to detect the content not only of the decay products of THC, but also of the THC itself in an unchanged form. This test can be done only in invasive form, followed by blood testing with reagents.

Hair Test

Hair drug testing measures the marijuana parent metabolite embedded inside the hairshaft and eliminates external contamination as a source of a positive result. This type of test is very expensive, so employers almost never conduct it, except some special cases. This test shows THC metabolites for a very long period (up to 3 months).

How Do Eliminate THC From System Overnight?

There is a day in any cannabis consumer life when he or she asks: how to get THC out of your system fast in one day? The bad news is that it is almost impossible to get out traces of smoking marijuana overnight, especially if you have to do a hair test. The only thing that can help you in this situation is that you used a small amount of marijuana and generally do it infrequently. Then you can try to clean the urine with a lot of water. You will have to drink it all the time. However, if the urine sample is too clear, it will not be used for the test and you will have to take another cutoff. Nevertheless, methods of cleaning the system of cannabis traces still exist, but to make them effective you need more time. Let’s take a closer look at them.

What Works

Abstinence. If you know the date of the test, just refrain from using marijuana in any form during this period. This is the best method to pass the test, mind you. If you use cannabis very rarely, it is enough 3-4 days of abstinence for you. If your relationship with marijuana is closer and you are best friends for a long period, your body will need at least 7 days of abstinence, before the THC level in the system will return to normal. In some cases, you may need 60 (!) Days, but this happens only if you have been using tons of cannabis for several years.

Urine Dilution. As we have already said, water is your only key to salvation among many false ways to get THC out of your system overnight, if you need to take an urgent test for THC, and you know that it will be positive. Hydration of the body includes purification processes and flushes various slags and decomposition products, including THC-COOH. There is evidence that this method can help you get rid of the traces of cannabis use overnight.

You need to drink water every fifteen minutes for a few hours before the test. However, remember that the rate of water consumption per day is within two liters. It is very important not to exceed this limit, as this is dangerous for your life. In order for the urine to have a natural color and properties, take the B vitamins and creatine during the hydration of the body, otherwise your urine sample will be invalidated and you will pass the test again.

Exercise. If you have at least a few days before passing the test for THC, start doing sports. Physical loads accelerate metabolism and help the body get rid of toxins. The decay products of THC will be released together with sweat, and also as fat is burned in the tissues of the internal organs.

Stop doing sports the day before the test and start hydration. This scheme of excretion of THC from the body is most effective.

What Doesn’t Work

Cranberry juice. There is a myth that this juice is an excellent mean for dilution urine. Some say that the principle of urine dilution by juice is the same as the principle of hydration, but the juice clears the urine even more effectively. It is not true. The only difference between the cranberry juice and water in the context of preparing for the THC test is that it will change the color of urine and most likely it will significantly change the pH. The only thing that awaits you after this is a repeat pass of the test.

Niacin. The myth of the benefits of Niacin for removing THC from the body appeared because of its property to lower the level of cholesterol. Some people have seen a connection with a decrease in the amount of fat tissue, which means a connection with the level of metabolites of THC. It is not true. No clinical study has confirmed the effect of Niacin on fat burning. In addition, excessive use of these pills is harmful to health.

Goldenseal. It won’t help you. Forget about it. The only one possible outcome is failed THC test. That’s all.

Bleach. Another dangerous urban legend. Don’t even think about it. Drinking bleach is the shortest way to a hospital or graveyard.

Vinegar. It will influence your pH and the test will be failed due to the obvious falsification.

Zinc. Yes, zinc may help to get THC out of your system. But most of modern drug tests are created to find Zinc in urine because this means an attempt to conceal the traces of cannabis use. So getting THC out of your system in 24 hours with Zinc is not a good idea.

Tips And Recommendations

  • Don’t do drugs if you know about test. It’s simple.
  • Be careful with drinking excessive water. Remember about a 2 litres limit per day.
  • Healthy diet may help you to detox system.
  • Do exercise every day and speed up your metabolism.
  • Do not buy THC detox kits. Most of them are absolutely useless.
  • Drink detox teas.

Wrapping It All Up

Nobody can guarantee you a successful passing of a drug test, if you really did drugs few days before test. But the chances of success are really high if you use those methods that really work and forget about those methods that are nothing more than fiction. Just do not waste your time and you will pass it. Good luck!

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