Why Good Husbands Choose Cannabis Instead of Alcohol

Why good husbands choose cannabis instead of alcohol? Just look around: how many of your friends who have a family regularly drink alcohol? By the word regularly we mean the use of strong alcohol every weekend and one or two bottles of beer in the evening, during dinner or watching your favorite programs on TV. Most likely, the vast majority does so. We do not know how close you are to your friends and how honest you can be with yourself, but you probably know: all these people around often quarrel. You can endlessly pretend that alcohol has absolutely nothing to do with it, but deep down you know the truth. Even a small dose of alcohol can make a person less compliant and more aggressive.

But there is an alternative to such a pastime. There are men who prefer replacing alcohol with marijuana, doing this culturally and thus enriching their communication with the family. Girls claim that such husbands are much better. They are absolutely right. And that’s why.

How Alcohol is Hurting Your Family Life

Binge drinking and alcoholism is the traditional motive of divorce in all developed countries, which invariably ranks first among other causes of divorce. According to the World Health Organization, from 2 to 10% of the population of different countries suffer from alcoholism.

Naturally, binge drinking and alcoholism are reflected in marital and family life, on family members, in the upbringing of children, as well as on labor activity and social behavior.

Many researchers tend to regard alcoholism as a typical sociopathy because this disease has a completely different character and has a different origin than all other diseases, including mental disorders.

Unfortunately, binge drinking is closely connected with the established customs and traditions in holding any celebrations, holidays, with a low cultural level of recreation and leisure, with inability of people to have fun without it. Binge drinking is also promoted by a high degree of tolerance on the part of the public and all citizens. The danger of alcohol is that it changes the state of mind, supposedly temporarily raising the tone, mood, and later leads to loss of self-control.

The disorganizing effect of chronic alcoholism on marital life and the upbringing of children is diverse. Firstly, in connection with frequent, regular drinks, there always are tension and conflicts. Secondly, when alcoholism changes the personality of the person, there are significant elements of loss of self-control, moral degradation, irresponsibility, disregard for children.

There are cases of senseless cruelty, rudeness, tactlessness, hooliganism on the part of a regularly drinking parent. Psychologically, the situation in the family becomes abnormal, it is characterized by constant quarrels and conflicts, it is psychotraumatic for second partner and for the children.

Finance is the foundation of stability in the family. Even in favorable families, where parents do not consume alcohol or do it very rarely, may arise conflicts because of finances. There are different situations in life and no one is immune from these problems. But when financial difficulties arise against the background of regular use of alcohol, they acquire special acuity. In such situations, it is very difficult to cope with them. The standard of living of the family, where alcohol has become a problem, is rapidly declining.

Another consequence of systematic domestic drunkenness and chronic alcoholism is a rather sharp decrease in male potency and even the appearance of impotence. The alcoholic shows aggressiveness, cruelty, rudeness in intimate life, which causes negative feelings in women and in some cases can lead to the emergence of frigidity.

So what are your thoughts about replacing alcohol with cannabis now?

Reasons to Use Cannabis Instead of Alcohol

Cannabis protects the brain from damage. Do you know what alcohol does to the human brain? Destroys it. The cells of the brain quickly die due to the influence of alcohol. There are people who are inclined to deny the fact that alcohol has a general negative impact on a person. But everyone knows that brain cells and alcohol are not the best friends. Cannabis not only protects brain cells from damage, but it also contributes to their regeneration. That’s why many creative people prefer cannabis instead of alcohol.

Alcohol is a carcinogen. Alcohol can cause cancer. Cannabis interferes with the development of cancer cells, and also successfully fight the pain syndrome, which manifests itself in the late stages of cancer. Until recently, some patients had to consume up to 20 ampoules of morphine to alleviate suffering. Today, many of them use a small dose of cannabis to relief pain.

Alcohol can make aggressive even the quietest nerd. The effects of using cannabis are relaxation in its pure form.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to serious health problems (both mental and physical), asocial behavior. An easy form of addiction to cannabis also exists. However, it is not as dangerous as addiction to other substances, and is, rather, psychological.

Alcohol is the cause of millions (!) Deaths every year. The use of marijuana has never killed anyone. Cannabis is 114 times safer than alcohol for the human body.

The list of possibilities for the medical use of cannabis is very, very long. Some prospects for its use are still at the research stage, and at the same time, marijuana is already actively (and successfully) used to treat a variety of diseases. On the other hand, in addition to the ability of red wine to normalize blood pressure, alcohol has no positive effect on health.

So who is the winner in this marijuana vs. alcohol battle?

The Effects Of Cannabis And Alcohol Comparison

Just check the list of effects without our commentary and than think again about a true winner of cannabis vs. alcohol cup.

  • Euphoria, mood elevation
  • Laugh
  • Relaxation, stress relief
  • Creative, philosophical thinking, abstract or deep thoughts; the thought process flows more easily
  • The best perception, comprehension of music; music sounds better and the listener’s emotional involvement increases
  • Increased awareness of the sensations (food, drink, smells)
  • Muscle relaxation, a pleasant sensation in the body, an increase in the connection between the body and consciousness
  • Relief of pain (headaches, cramps, aches)
  • Heals nausea, and increases appetite (strongly)
  • Makes routine and boring tasks ridiculous, interesting and entertaining.


  • Easy euphoria
  • Increased communication skills
  • Ease of judgment
  • Exaggeration of one’s own mental and physical abilities
  • A kindness that can quickly overcome aggressiveness
  • Broken attention
  • Decreased intellectual abilities

That’s why we say cannabis is better than alcohol.

Why Using Cannabis Instead Of Alcohol Is Better For Family Life?

Cannabis does not make a person aggressive in case when he or she does not suffer from a severe form of mental disorder. Alcohol can turn even the most exemplary family man into a mad psychopath. This is the main reason for choosing cannabis instead of alcohol in family life. Under the influence of alcohol, any family holiday, where there are only people who love each other, can turn into a terrible massacre. If you collect all your households under one roof and give them cannabis, the maximum that can happen is a panic attack in someone who is not ready for new sensations and has too much with a dosage. Of course, this example is given for comparison – don’t try this at home :).

Cannabis increases empathy in a person. This l affects the strengthening of communication between family members very wel. You can always support the conversation, reconcile the warring people and spend time with your household so that everyone will be happy.

Cannabis does not cause such addiction as alcohol. This means that your behavior will always depend only on you, but not on the overwhelming desire to drink at least a sip of whiskey or other alcohol.

The use of cannabis draws people together. If you do not want your children to know about your love for marijuana, you can easily hide it because cannabis does not lead to degradation of the person, like alcohol. If you constantly drink, it will be noticed even by the blind.

Cannabis does not reduce male potency. Under the influence of THC, sex can only become brighter, but not worse.

What Professionals Say? Reviews

Is cannabis healthier than alcohol? Here is the question that concerns doctors most of all, when they are asked to tell their opinion about what is better between these two substances. The answer to this question is obvious – cannabis is many times safer than alcohol for mental as well as physical health. The only thing that causes concern is the excessive smoking of cannabis in classical ways (bong, joint), since burning of marijuana produces not the most healthy smoke. But the beauty of marijuana is that it can be used in absolutely safe ways (edibles,vapor, oil).

The opinion of psychologists and other specialists in family relations is ambiguous in the sense that excessive addiction to any psychotropic substances is a harmful background for marriage. However, the danger from alcohol is much larger and more destructive.

There is no woman who would want her husband to stop smoking cannabis and admire her cooking, and instead started drinking alcohol again and making scandals. This is an absolutely impossible phenomenon.

Sum Up

So is cannabis better for you than alcohol? Now you have all the information to make the right decision. Decisions made under the influence of alcohol are more than unreasonable. Alcohol contributes to the adoption of very risky decisions. Sometimes it may seem funny, but in most cases it’s just dangerous. Studies of the influence of marijuana on the decision-making mechanism are still ongoing, but scientists have already found out that people who are under the influence of cannabis come to the same conclusions as the sober. So make a puff and think about it again 🙂

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