hashish for beginners

Hashish has been around for centuries. For example, thousands of years ago, Pakistan and India began making “charas”. This ancient process is still done today. It involves farmers gently rubbing cannabis flowers so that the resin accumulates on their hands. This resin is then scraped off and compressed to make hashish.


Hashish is also known as hash. This potent extract is made by collecting trichomes, eliminating plant material, and compacting the cannabis resin into sticks, blocks, or balls. Trichomes are sticky, hair-like crystalline resin glands that are taken from the most potent part of female cannabis plants, the head. This results in potent THC content that ranges between 20% – 60% compared to 10%-20% delivered by the full buds.


Creating hash manually by hand is labourious. Modern methods now utilize tumbling machines, fine sieves, and presses. There’s also a process of removing trichomes by mixing marijuana with ice water to create a pasty concentrate called “bubble hash”. There are simple methods of producing hash that involve mixing trichomes with olive oil, butter, or honey. There are also more complicated means of producing hash that extracts resins with alcohols or butane. While using isopropyl alcohol for extraction is common, it is a less healthy alternative. There are also some types of hash that infuse trichomes with brandy, rum, or other flavourful alcohols. All in all, your experience depends on the means of production of your hashish.

Hashish joint

Joints made from hash and flower

You can make hash from Sativa and Indica but can also make it from hybrid strains as well. That means that the effects of hash can vary based not just on the means of production but also on the strain’s characteristics as well. Hash varies in potency and appearance based on what type of cannabis it’s extracted from and how it was extracted. Hash can be brittle, dry bricks or sticky resinous balls. The colour of hash can vary from yellow, red, brown, or black. Some hash producers add other elements to the extracts including opium and herbs. All these variables affect your experience.


The high you experience depends on how much hashish you consume but it is generally more intense. The experience is more mentally fine and clear but taking too much can give you “couch lock”. Hash intensifies visual and audio stimuli and improves your attitude. It can also give you a sense of gratitude and enhance your creativity.


Overall, hashish is a potent extract made in a variety of ways. It’s best to test your tolerance slowly to get a sense of the effects of hash. Knowing how your hash is made and whether it is mixed with anything helps to determine the effects.


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