When people think of edibles, they naturally thing of baked goods such as brownies or cookies. Popular culture has very narrowly defined edible marijuana within these terms. Realistically though, edibles can take all kinds of forms, and be prepared in all kinds of ways. Just because you are committed to eating edibles does not mean you have to commit to eating unhealthy baked goods. THC and CBD have been extracted and inserted into all kinds of cooking ingredients such as honey, oils, tinctures, and spices, just to name a few. If you are a regular user of edibles, consider using concentrates as ingredients, and as a way to reduce both lung damage, and your waistline.


Infused Honey and Oils

THC/CBD infused honey is one of the most popular edible concentrates on the market. Honey is convenient because it can be applied to both solid food, and liquids as a sweetener. For instance, it can be used to sweeten both white and chocolate milk for breakfast meals. It can also be added to coffee or tea. An energizing dose of Sativa THC combined with the caffeine contained in your morning coffee or tea can be just the boost you need to get your day going.

If you are looking for a particularly healthy dosing option, consider using infused honey as part of a salad dressing. All kinds of salad dressings can be made using honey, including honey-balsamic vinaigrette, honey-lemon dressing, and of course, honey mustard dressing.

Oils such as CO2 oil or MCT oil can be used similarly to honey. However, they carry the added benefit of not containing any calories whatsoever. These oils can also be added to both solid foods and liquids but, unlike honey, they give off a strong marijuana flavour and will significantly change the taste of whatever they are added to.




Liquid tinctures can be effortlessly added to recipes, foods, or beverages. Tinctures have gained much popularity as an additive to beverages such as coffee, tea, soda, smoothies, and even alcoholic drinks such as ciders or cocktails. Much of this popularity is due to the fact that tinctures typically work faster than other edibles, and the fact that they can be easily diluted with other liquids such as water, that will hide the taste of marijuana, and not affect the flavour or whatever they are added to.


Spices and Condiments

Most people don’t realize just how versatile edibles can be. When prepared correctly, THC and CBD can be added to a host of spices, condiments, or other ingredients that can be used in recipes. For example, they can be added to powdered cheese to create a special dose of macaroni and cheese, or to sugar and cinnamon that can be applied to coffee or tea. Oils and tinctures can even be added to condiments like ketchup or hot sauce, allowing individuals to get creative with their edibles.


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