The legalization movement has pushed medical marijuana into the mainstream, highlighting the plant’s success in treating numerous conditions and illnesses. Recently, CBD, a cannabinoid contained in marijuana, has gained popularity among athletes for its ability to aid muscle recovery, reduce pain and inflammation, and cultivate a positive, focused, and relaxed mindset during training. It is flexible and can be taken at whatever time and whatever dose is best suited for individual needs. Additionally, since it is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, it produces no high, allowing athletes to relax, and focus on their training. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider using CBD as a workout supplement.


CBD Improves Workout Performance and Allows Athletes to Recover Faster

Intense or extensive exercise can lead to a number of problems such as muscle soreness or tightness, joint pain, and inflammation. CBD has been proven to be an effective treatment for these conditions, allowing athletes to push through soreness, and recover more quickly after training. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed CBD’s ability to decrease inflammation, and inflammation-related pain, in regions all over the body.

In 2003, the US Department of Health and Human Services cited CBD as being useful in a wide array of “ischemic, age-related, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases”. If inflammation related joint or muscle pain is slowing you down in the gym, or making your recovery period uncomfortable, consider adding CBD to your exercise regimen. When taken as a pre-workout supplement, it can reduce pain or inflammation that may occur during exercise, minimizing discomfort, and allowing athletes to work out harder, and for longer. Many athletes report that a pre-workout dose of between 10-50 mg is usually enough to improve their training endurance. As a post-workout supplement, it can reduce any muscle and joint pain that may occur as your muscles rebuild and your joints recover, allowing you to relax, and enjoy your down-time.

When compared to other popular anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen (which is known to damage stomach lining and cause ulcers), CBD has minimal side effects. It can be mixed with other natural anti-inflammatories like garlic and turmeric to create a potent all-natural regimen to combat inflammation. Additionally, CBD has antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, and is a significantly more potent anti-oxidant than vitamins C or D, making it an excellent substitute for over-the-counter vitamins, and a great supplement for a healthy lifestyle.


CBD Promotes Focus and Relaxation

CBD has been noted for its ability to eliminate stress, and provide a sense of inner calm. Clinical studies have shown it to be an effective treatment for a variety of anxiety disorders. Many athletes report that a pre-workout dose of CBD cultivates a sense of clear-headedness, allowing them to eliminate mental distractions, and to focus on their training. Individuals have reported that along with a physical endurance boost, it can also produce a stimulating effect that enhances mental endurance. As a post-workout supplement, it can be taken at a similar dose as during the pre-workout stage (10-50 mg). Many people find that it allows muscles and joints to recover faster, minimizing pain throughout the recovery period, and allowing them to get back in the gym quicker.

Studies have shown that CBD and THC combined, provide the best relief from inflammation, making them a superior option to just one or the other. If you are considering using THC or CBD as a workout supplement, be sure to check out our shop where you can find them in a variety of forms such as oils, capsules, or patches.


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