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If you’re trying to advertise cannabis on Facebook, you’ve probably been relegated to digital purgatory or worse, kicked off the platform completely. The social media giant’s ironclad code of conduct prohibits cannabis businesses from posting cannabis-related content. Even so, many hopeful advertisers have dug into the trenches to have their content regularly blocked in hopes that one post may make it through. The challenge doesn’t stop there. If the content makes it through, it usually is promptly removed from Facebook, and, in some cases, so is the advertiser. Since the social media behemoth continually makes changes to its platform, businesses wanting to advertise cannabis on Facebook may soon find some relief.

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, there’s a sea change afoot as shifting public opinion continues to change cannabis legislation around the world.

Facebook reportedly has taken notice and is looking to mitigate its “regulated goods” restrictions which bars posts regarding the buying or selling of cannabis. This policy could open the floodgates to legitimate businesses wanting to advertise cannabis on Facebook. That means we could see pages for both medicinal and recreational marijuana businesses advertising prices for their products.

In an internal Facebook presentation attended by The Telegraph, officials said, “Our policies at the moment do not allow for the sale of marijuana on the platform. We want to consider whether we can loosen this restriction, especially in relation to medical marijuana, legal marijuana, and brick and mortar stores.”

Facebook’s main concerns revolve around determining whether cannabis sellers advertising services are legal and how cannabis content can be restricted to Facebook users older than 21.

Facebook could look to reappropriate the resources used to block cannabis companies; however, another problem is that the platform is a global entity. Facebook must remain cognizant of parts of the world that have obstructive laws and views concerning marijuana.

All in all, the battle to advertise cannabis on Facebook remains contentious. Those looking for definitive answers must remain vigilant and find more creative ways to reach their audience.

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