Vaping is when cannabis gets heated into a fine vapor. Many believe using vape pens are healthier than traditional smoking because a person doesn’t inhale burnt plant matter. In order for vaping to work, cannabis gets heated to a specific temperature. Cannabis burns when heated too high. Ironically, there are many vaping devices that are cheap and heat the cannabis too high. This can be harmful to your health because vaping low quality e-juices at high temperatures releases harmful carcinogens that include formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.


Types of Portable Vaporizers


There are two types of vaporizers: Open Source “5/10” thread vaporizers and Proprietary vaporizers. These are further divided into Dry Herb/Flower vaporizers and Concentrates/Oil vaporizers. Concentrates/Oil vaporizers are also known as pen vaporizers.


The name 5/10 refers to the type of threading that is used. This threading is the standard threading used for most vaporizers. These devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. They are also very popular because they are relatively cheaper than their proprietary counterparts. Though, you should consider that cheaper can mean poor quality. In other words, you get what you pay for.


Proprietary vape devices often have more features than 5/10 thread devices. These features may include temperature control, metered dosing, remote locking, hit tracing, and party games. The price reflects the added features.


There are a wide variety of dry herb/flower vaporizers at a variety of price ranges. There’s no carbonization with these vaporizers. Instead, vapors get released when the flower gets heated. Usually, there’s no temperature control unless it is a very high-end herb/flower vaporizer.


Pen vaporizers are small and discreet. They use batteries and give very strong effects, very similar to dabbing. The effects will depend on the oil or concentrate that is being used.


How to Choose the Right Pen Vaporizer


Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when looking for the right pen vaporizer.


What material do you want to vape?


If you want to vape herb or concentrate, you can simply choose your favourite strain. It gets more complicated when using cartridges and oils. There are many brands and flavours from which to choose.


What effects would you like to feel?


You can choose pain and anxiety relief with CBD or a body or cerebral high that comes with THC.


What does the oil look like?


The oil you use should be homogenous. There shouldn’t be any signs of separation, debris, or flakes. The oil should not be cloudy or thick. A good rule of thumb is the clearer the liquid, the more high quality it is.


What is the consistency of the oil?


The oil should be as thick as honey. Oil that is too thick usually contains things like chlorophyll and wax cuticle from the plant’s leaves. Whereas oil that is too thin has been treated with dangerous chemicals that break down into carcinogens at high temperatures.


How was the oil made?


The best oils get extracted in a lab using sophisticated CO2 equipment. This process uses no harsh chemical solvents. The resulting oil has no microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, or solvents.




You should first note that the long term effects of vaping are still unknown. That said, there are two important factors in determining what vape pen to get: temperature control and the type of oil. Temperature control avoids the negative effects of overheating marijuana and improves the taste of the oil. The device isn’t as important as what you plan to put into the device. Find the right strain or oil that gives you the perfect experience. Experiment with different strength and types of materials to see what works best for you.


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