The sloppy rollout of marijuana legalization in October has resulted in nation-wide shortages of legal marijuana products. Despite pre-legalization projections of an oversupply for several years following legalization, many Canadians are finding themselves unable to purchase legal weed due to supply shortages.


Improper Estimates

Government officials have conceded that their early demand estimates were completely incorrect. Canadians have flocked to legal marijuana, leaving many store shelves empty. However, the problem is not only affecting customers of local brick and mortar dispensaries, but also online customers seeking to buy cannabis products from provincial online stores. Nobody really seems to be sure how long the supply shortage will last, but some expect that it may take months to correct. The shortfall is so severe that even some medical marijuana patients are experiencing delays in receiving their medication.


How Consumers & Growers Have Been Affected

Canadians have been subjected to waiting in lineups outside of stores, sometimes for hours, in order to get their hands on legal marijuana. In Quebec, government officials admitted that some stores may have to close all together later this week in order to allow growers and suppliers to catch up with the demand. The province estimates that over 140,000 sales were made province-wide in the first week of legalization alone.

In the past week, licensed growers have been expressing their disappointment and frustration with the rollout of legalization. The complexity of the legal marijuana system is compounding the situation by forcing growers to obtain both grow licenses and sales licenses. The amount of time that provincial governments are taking to issue these licenses is one of the main causes for the stock shortages being experienced across Canada.

Unbelievably, the problem has been made even worse by the government’s decision to ship marijuana products solely through Canada Post. The explosive increase in mail traffic immediately following legalization has resulted in delivery delays, and even in missing shipments. Moreover, the currently ongoing Canada Post rotating strike is exacerbating things by causing further shipping delays and uncertainties.


What to Know About Crossing The Border

The shortages and delays that Canadians are experiencing are a direct result of government incompetence, and demonstrate why Canadians should not trust government marijuana. When shopping at Cannaporium, you will never have to deal with the kinds of product shortages and inconveniences that are commonplace in government dispensaries. We always have a wide variety of marijuana products stocked and ready to be delivered to your front door. Moreover, our quick and discreet shipping means that we will mail your package as soon as possible. If you are as frustrated with buying legal weed as most Canadians are, consider purchasing marijuana products from online shops like Cannaporium. We won’t let you down!


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