With marijuana set to become legal in October, business analysts have turned their focus to the wide array of cannabis products set to become legal, and the demographics that are expected to spend money on them. One overlooked demographic has been Canadian seniors – many of whom are expected to use marijuana as an alternative to, or in addition to, their prescription medications.


More Seniors will be Trying Marijuana Now

As weed becomes more socially acceptable, social stigmas around its use continue to fade. This trend will continue to develop post legalization and will be compounded by increased accessibility to marijuana. Many seniors are expected to consider trying marijuana recreationally for the first time or are expected to consider using cannabis as an alternative to their prescription medication.

Cannabis has the potential to treat many of the medical conditions that seniors typically suffer from, without the side effects that commonly accompany prescription medications. Because of this, many retirement communities and care homes are seeking to adapt their rules and regulations surrounding marijuana possession and consumption. In the future, these communities will evolve to become more accepting and supportive of the cannabis use of their senior residents.


Marijuana can Treat Many Conditions that Seniors Suffer From

Here are a few of the medical conditions that are most common among Canadian seniors, and the ways in which cannabis can treat them.

Inflammation – THC and CBD (the two most active compounds in weed) have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation and inflammation-related pain in both the short-term and long-term.

Chronic Pain – THC and CBD have also been clinically proven to successfully manage various kinds of pain.

Eating Disorders – Weed has the ability to stimulate appetite and encourage people to eat. Certain strains (Indicas) are more effective than others.

Glaucoma – Marijuana has been proven to reduce pressure on the eyes for hours at a time, making it an ideal treatment for glaucoma.


Seniors can Also Benefit From CBD

Many seniors are expected to be attracted to CBD for its wide array of medical benefits, and its ability to deliver them without a psychoactive high. Since many seniors will be averse to the idea of getting high, CBD is the perfect product for introducing them to the world of medical marijuana. Some of the medical conditions that CBD can treat include physical pain, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, inflammation, arthritis, sleep disorders, lack of appetite, and side effects from cancer treatments.


Senior’s Don’t Have to Smoke Marijuana to Benefit From it

Seniors don’t have to smoke or vape marijuana if they don’t want to. Mail order marijuana services like Cannaporium provide Canadians with a wide array of weed products that do not have to be smoked in order to be consumed. Check out our shop for a variety of these products such as edibles, tinctures, oils, and topicals.


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