How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System for a Urine Test?

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System for a Urine Test?

Nowadays drug testing has become a common practice in many countries. The majority of employers often make their workers as well as the employees undergo a test revealing the presence/absence of drugs in human’s organism. Apart from blood and saliva, urine drug testing is the most effective way of screening a person for marijuana use. Laboratory drug testing might also involve hair follicle tests, yet it won’t give such precise results as urine and blood tests do.

Since urine tends to be the most widely spread method of testing, it is essential to know how long after you consume marijuana in a definite form the elevated THC levels can be detected in the urine.

So how long does cannabis stay in your system for a urine test?

We suggest you take a look at some really useful info on the detection period for weed, the general urine analysis and the most effective ways to clear pot out of your system.

Basics of urine analysis

Laboratory drug test for marijuana in person’s system traditionally measures the levels of THC or THC-COOH. You ask how long does thc stay in your system? Well, depending on the method of testing, even the smallest traces of cannabis might be detected for days and even months since the last use.

The thc levels in urine drug test is the analysis of a human’s biological sample to measure how much kush is kept in your system.

Marijuana may be containing hundreds of active components, but THC is the one and only that is known to affect person’s mood, perception and general behavior. Speaking of THC-COOH, this bud is produced by the liver dissolving THC.

Metabolism of THC

In order to answer the question “How long does marijuana stay in the system?” we will need to determine marijuana metabolism time. All in all, what is THC? THC is weed’s main substance, known for its fat soluble abilities, which means it can embed itself into the fat tissue. Logically, the bigger person’s weight, the more THC it can store compared to a slim individual.

As a matter of fact, the slowest THC dissolution can be seen exactly in fat tissue where it can remain for days, weeks or even months, depending on the amount of cannabis consumed.

When it comes to testing person’s urine for weed, the timeframes of detection may vary for a one-time user compared to a regular one.

In this way, a frequent weed smoker tends to keep THC in the fat cells of his body for much longer than an occasional user.

How long does marijuana thc stay in your urine?

By ways of using cannabis

How long does cannabis stay in urine for a test: edibles vs. smoking vs. vaping?

Taking into account how different an edible high might feel next to the same high from smoking kush, one may expect the THC level in person’s urine to vary. In fact, it does.

Edibles will usually make elevated THC levels stay in urine slightly longer – traditionally from a few hours to a day at most. However, that is quite doubtful to make a real difference for your test results. In other words, both ways of administering the THC dose are of 100% likeliness to put way enough THC-COOH in your piss to result in a failure of the test.

Still, edible marijuana will leave you at risk for much longer, depending on the frequency of use, compared to smoking or vaping pot.

By times of using

Actually, it makes no sense to prove that habitual smokers are more vulnerable to a positive drug test than those consuming occasionally. Say, a lot more.

One-two-time cannabis smokers will go totally clean in no more than four-five days, in some cases taking up to eight days. Accidentally smoked weed for the first time ever? One week and you will be totally fine. Smoke almost daily with a short break? It will take no less than 30 – 45 days, or even more, to eliminate all the THC left in your system.

And for the hardcore users, puffing intensely with no pauses, it is expected to last almost two months for marijuana components to exit your organism. One of the major researches reported that an individual going for a daily use took neatly 80 days before finally passing for a negative test result.

By types of THC used

The point is, THC is oftentimes claimed to have positive effects on human’s blood system. Many scientists are convinced it can help prevent cancer and even neutralize the existing cancers in patient’s organism. Furthermore, medical cannabis appears to be helpful as an alternative medication in healing mental disorders, nutrition disorders and some other diseases so many people have to fight.

So, how long does marijuana take to leave your system? Most people appear to look at almost a month (if used couple times a week) as a general rule, still the answer remains different for every person. The most accurate answer to “How long does weed stay in your system urine test?” may be “It depends.”

By doses

Some of the recent studies have stated that 15% to 20% of Delta-9 THC doses end up exactly in your urine. Hereby, the more stuff is consumed, the more THC will be found in your pee. In addition, not only the doses matter, but also the “high” level of your weed.

Physiological factors

When it comes to your organism, there are two main factors playing a vital role in how much time it takes for THC to leave your body.

The first one makes your metabolic rate. It is simple enough – the higher your metabolism, the faster you will excrete THC.

The other is the level of hydration. The more fluid you pour into your organism, the more urine will be produced and the quicker THC will leave the body.

Tips for a successful urine drug test passing

Fat Burning

As we stated above, THC tends to be kept in body’s fat tissue. That actually leads to a pretty fair conclusion that if you succeed to lose weight, you will eliminate more fat cells and, thus, have less space for the THC to be kept. Dealing with excess fat in your organism and losing weight not just minimizes your risk of a positive marijuana test, but is also awesome to stay slim and healthy. Although this makes one of the most effective solutions, it is clearly not a quick process. So if you are having a drug test this Sunday, it can hardly make any difference to you.

Urine Diluting

If you have decided to dilute your urine, be sure it will work out, however, if you do everything right. Overdoing and thus, diluting it too much can result in a total test failure and diluting urine not enough will be no good either. That’s why you have to manage it just perfect in order to result in the absolutely clean drug test.

When taking a urine marijuana test, the concentration of THC along with creatinine is what is usually tested. The level of THC in a person’s organism normally should be 50 ng./ml. Regarding creatinine, it is a component that can always be found in your urine and is produced as a result of muscle metabolism. It usually has to be at 20 mg/dL.


In recent years more and more drug stores tend to provide special detox kits made from totally natural components doing their job to completely purify your urine in no more than 7 days. Those are designed with a purpose to help you get rid of all the toxins and chemicals that are poisoning your whole system. This makes a great choice to use while working out and doing different exercises to sort out any drug-related chemicals.

Other Methods

Urine substituting – the method is pretty fast and quite effective, but also hard enough to succeed in and illegal in most countries.

Applying activated charcoal – it can reduce the concentration of THC in your urine, still it is proven to take more than 2 days.

Final Thoughts

Drug urine test for cannabis appears to have all sorts of shortcomings and issues for the individuals tested.

Nevertheless, they are indispensable at one thing – when it is necessary to reveal whether or not an individual being tested has consumed marijuana in some form in the past. Unluckily, many modern employers having zero tolerance policies use to find even the smallest concentration of cannabinoids in your organism, thus, making it way enough to kick you away or proceed to the next candidate.

That’s exactly why being aware for how much time THC can remain in your urine is of huge importance for anybody who consumes cannabis, regardless of how often and in what doses.

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