How Long Does It Take to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

How Long Does It Take to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Dreaming about starting your own cannabis plantation? Or just a small garden? Anyway, while cultivating pro-quality buds will surely take some serious effort, a compact outdoor home marijuana colony can be a fun and still highly rewarding hobby. The following article is aimed at the beginners hoping to cultivate a solid and qualitative outdoor crop. Starting from the basic info like how long it takes to grow cannabis and resulting in the benefits of having a tiny weed farm in the backyard, we’d like to present you the most complete guide on how to cultivate cannabis outdoors. So, let’s get started!

Factors for growing cannabis outdoors

First of all, it is important to have a solid understanding of the climate features in your area. Cannabis plants are highly adaptable to basically any conditions, but they are still quite receptive to extreme weather changes. For instance, too high temperatures might cause your herbs to stop growing, when the low temperatures will also do massive damage and can result in the death of plants. Intense showers and strong winds may cause a good deal of damage to even the thickest plants and reduce your yield and, finally, excessive watering will lead to mold, especially during the flowering period.

Apart from the weather patterns, you have to realize how the day’s length might change seasonally in your area where you live.

The most useful tip on how to consider the climate changes in your region is to get a special climate zone map, which contains multiple aspects like elevation and proximity to major water objects. It will also be a great idea to utilize local resources, as some of the experienced gardeners in your region could share some extra knowledge of how to grow different sorts of flowers and vegetables that, in its turn, might be applied to cultivating cannabis. What’s more, if you can boast having special gardening and growing experience, you can also find growing weed outdoors a pretty easy and hugely enjoyable endeavor!

Benefits of growing cannabis outdoors

1. Energy saving

Even if you don’t really care about your financial spendings, the price of growing cannabis plants indoors can add up quite much in terms of double-triple times increased power consumption for LED lights and several fans. Outdoor marijuana garden does not require any special electrical equipment to be able to grow, thus, greatly reducing your costs and the overall impact on the environment. In fact, up to 9% of California’s electro energy is spent yearly on marijuana cultivation. Can you ever imagine how much of the natural resources are used for that purpose?!

2. Healthier plants

The herbs grown outdoors tend to receive much more than totally free sun energy to grow. Being cultivated with an access to natural air will provide the most effective circulation for the entire plant and makes it less susceptible to all kinds of pests and diseases. Active outdoor air circulation can help the plant develop stronger branches as well.

3. More potent buds and their greater quantity

Even extremely carefully grown indoor cannabis plants cannot be compared to their much healthier outdoor relatives in terms of yield’s amount. Well-conditioned outdoor plants, cultivated in compliance with all the requirements for an optimal growth, can make use plants produce 3 – 4 times more qualitative final product than those grown indoors. Speaking of marijuana flowering time outdoor cannabis also appears to have a slightly longer growth cycle, but results in higher yield.

4. Fully natural

Even the most expensive light equipment is not a totally perfect sunlight substitute. The most powerful LED light bulbs will not be able to recreate the energy of the sun. That’s exactly why an ideal option to get a truly full-scale spectrum of natural lights is placing your plants outdoors.

5. Costs less

This point might be pretty obvious. All you need to grow outdoor weed are some high-quality seeds and a place to plant them. No doubt, the quality of your herbs will be improved when you invest in them, acquiring fine soil, using only organic fertilizers and of course – do not forget to water your grass!

What is needed for growing cannabis outdoors

1. Get some seeds

In case if you have a direct access to a seed bank, this won’t make a big problem for you. But if ordering from a seed bank overseas, be ready to wait for about half a month for some nice seeds to arrive.

2. Acquire the needed gear

You’ll need to purchase some necessary equipment for starting your cannabis garden. Depending on how fast you’ll manage to purchase all the needed equipment and how long you will be setting all up, everything can be ready the same day or in a few days.

3. Do not forget the fertilizer

Marijuana seeds and plants do require some specific “food” in order to go up. Try looking for the nutrient options designed specifically for cultivating cannabis. However those can often be pretty expensive and might damage soil bacteria as they mostly contain synthetic minerals and intended for indoor growing only.

4. Choose a perfect soil

Clay soil drains slowly and does not keep oxygen well, so it will need to be significantly amended.

Sandy soils are easy enough to work with, as they drain very well and warm really fast, but do not expect those to hold nutrients for long, especially in rainy climate.

Silt soils can make an ideal growing medium. They are simple to work with, warm quickly, hold moisture for a long time and contain lots of nutrients.

How long does it take to grow cannabis outdoors?

Before you start growing cannabis

In total, you will need up to 4 weeks of preparation before planting cannabis.


Germination is a term used to describe the process when a new plant begins growing from a seed. You might also encounter other terms, such as “popping.” Thus, germination is your first step in starting the marijuana plantation.

Cannabis grow time outdoors – from seedling to harvest

So, how long does it take to grow weed outdoors? The most precise answer will be from 8 weeks to 5 and even more months.

Seedling stage

Seedlings are able to sprout in no more than a day, and by nearly 5 days they must be all good to be applied.

Vegetative stage

In order to provide an answer to “how long does it take to grow marijuana outdoors?” it is needed to say the vegetative stage often takes up to 2 months.

In any case, the real length of the vegetative stage is fully a matter of personal preferences. Most marijuana strains need at least one month to spend in the vegetative stage before starting making flowers. And right after that, you are free to decide how long your weed plants will spend in this stage before they can get to the next one – flowering.

The maximum size your plant can achieve in this stage has an important effect on your crops as larger plants tend to produce much more buds than smaller ones. Still, be sure your herbs get enough light otherwise they won’t be able to develop properly. Keep in mind that light is buds’ food for growth!

Flowering stage

Marijuana grow time outdoors normally takes 16 and more weeks for the plants to flower.

Growing marijuana outdoors timeline (measured in weeks)

1 – 3 – Flowering begins
3 – 4 – Buds start forming
4 – 6 – Buds begin puffing up
6 – 8 – Buds mature and the pistils grow dark
8 and on – End of the flowering, ready to harvest

By and Large

Growing cannabis plants outdoors timeline:

2 weeks is a considered minimum to cure the buds, but personally we recommend curing the buds for up to month and a half.

Average time the plants need to spend to be able for use is usually 3 – 4 months.

Finally, the total time for the cannabis to be fully grown will take from 8 weeks to almost 7 months.

All in all, now you know almost everything needed to successfully start your tiny outdoor marijuana garden. Growing your own cannabis plants will definitely be an enjoyable and highly rewarding time, so do not be lazy to spend some extra moments with your plants and care about them!

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  1. Milton 10 months ago

    Thanks! It help a lot.

  2. Joey 9 months ago

    Would love to know anybody comments on planting indica…mbs x whitewidow .😎in spring . Sydney when would they finish and just any knowledge would be greatly appreciated ..thanks

  3. Judy Snyder 9 months ago

    HELP!!! MY plant is outdoors and has grown over an 8 foot fence – yup – its not legal here and I have nosey nasty neighbors. I have read so many ways to stop the plant from growing upwards, that I am very confused. I planted them in april inside, I believe they went outside in May, and today is August 10th. Please help me out with this, I am open to anything, I did read super cropping, and was a little confused. I cant let the plant grow any taller. HELP!!!!

  4. Lumpyholiday 8 months ago

    On Vancouver island in month four and barely showing bud formation. It has been hot here (overly) for weed. Used shade on the potted plants and the in ground plants took the heat better, I guess. My rear is they are late to giddy up bidding. I am at PH7.0 used N P K and now on to 0 10 10 so I think I am on track. Any on else fearful plants are turning to bud quick enough running out if grow time and light reduction will help fill em out so hopefully I still have time for a good outcome.

  5. JJ 8 months ago

    First year growers. Just wondered if I could send some pics to you. Just want your opinion on whether my plants look Ok. I have 4 plants and two different types. One plant has seeded which is fine – I’ll use it for seeds and cooking. We think it was pollinated by the bees. Can it harm my other plants.

  6. peter 5 months ago

    thanx so much for your gidance i have sun raging from 25 degrees celsuis to a wopping 40 degrees celsuis during months october to februarie. lots water and nutriant very global warming weather here in beautifull sunny south africa the colour of this crop of 24 trees is the most beautiful orange infused with purple and coverd with a white glaze.i just want to eat and sleep in it….so my heat and light from the sun is aproxemetly 12 to 14 hours and a 104 degrees fahrenheit this is what wanted to grow at the end.GOD BLESS THE HOLY HERB

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