How To Make Cannabis Butter In Crockpot

Interested in edibles? Probably the best way to start your research in this field is preparing your own marijuana butter, which can be used just like usual butter for a number of baked goods.

Making cannabis butter in a slow cooker at home can be much easier than you could imagine. Check out our tutorial to the simplest cannabutter crock pot method.

Note: Be sure to adhere to safety rules when producing edibles. We recommend you’d better start with small amounts, perform measurements carefully and take into consideration some other factors like the medications you are currently taking, how often you can consume the product itself and the potential side effects.

What is cannabis butter?

Marijuana infused butter, also known as the cannabutter, is one of many weed-based products. Popularly known as an “extraction” – because of the THC, which is the main psychoactive marijuana component getting you high – must be extracted from weed and infused with the regular butter. The butter from an ordinary recipe is then being substituted with cannabis butter.

Cannabis butter can be used as an extra ingredient for a number of other dishes (such as cookies and brownies) still ultimately depends on the personal preferences and user’s dietary needs. It is usually made from dried buds, trims, in some cases – hash and even sugar leaf.

As well as the cooking oils, marijuana-infused butter is considered one of the simplest and the most popular ways to cook medicated food, at the same time, making infused cannabutter in a proper way can sometimes be a little tricky. First of all, you need to decarboxylate the THC contained in weed — the process of changing the THC form – from acid form to the psychoactive form. In order to do that properly, you will need to heat your cannabis at low temperatures over a quite long period of time.

Cannabutter with crock pot: benefits

The best crock pot cannabutter recipe can be a more valuable method giving two main reasons for that. The first one: the water can be used to regulate the mixture’s temperature. As the water boils, the cannabis mixture can’t get too hot, so even with a slow cooker with only 3 temperature controls like “warm,” “low,” and “high” you can be completely sure it won’t be heated too much. The second reason we suggest using a slow cooker over other tools is that the water will absorb the bigger part of the chlorophyll and some other cannabis components that may otherwise be absorbed by the butter.

How to make crock pot cannabutter: ingredients and tools

  • A crock pot (any type you have will be great)
  • A cheesecloth
  • A strainer
  • A stick of butter
  • Some weed, preferably shredded. Many medical marijuana dispensaries provide already grinded product, or you can grind it up yourself (no matter what strain you got). Make sure to shred all large flowers. It is not supposed to be absolutely perfect since you won’t use it for smoking, but there should not be any large pieces going into the pot. It is recommended to use a grinder, but anything can do the job as long as the weed is decently ground.
    The actual amount may depend on how “high” you want your product to be.

How to make cannabis butter in a crock pot: complete guide

1. Grind your marijuana as finely as possible. In case if you don’t own a grinder, do it with your fingers. Although being quite tedious, this step is an absolute must if you don’t want the THC to be absorbed by the butter.

2. Put all the butter you’ve prepared into the crock pot and switch it on low. Wait until the butter is completely melted before adding the shredded weed.

3. Stir in the marijuana and then leave the crock pot on low temperature for at least eight hours. Some might let it cook even for a full day or longer. In any case, if the mixture was left in a slow cooker overnight, it will be fine.

4. So, you have turned off your slow cooker and allowed the mixture to cool down for at least five minutes, but don’t let it cool completely. Just till you can freely handle it. Put the cheesecloth over the strainer and pour the potion over the cheesecloth. Place some container right underneath the strainer to collect the liquid coming through. This mixture will become your butter.

5. It is meant to be a pulpy mass that will fall into the cheesecloth. Squeeze everything out into the container, as there is still liquid, not just the pulp. After all liquid is out, you can throw the pulp away.

6. After you’ve wringed everything out, there will be almost a cup of brownish oily liquid. Put it in the fridge and soon it will switch for a light green color. Use a container with a sealed lid to keep the aroma contained. Or you might put the bowl or cup with your butter in a plastic bag if it does not have a lid.

7. Congratulations! Your cannabutter is now fully ready to use. The product will remain usable for nearly 3 weeks in the fridge and over 2 months in the freezer. Now you are free to experiment with your stuff adding it to various dishes and you can even pioneer your own ways of serving such baked goods like brownies and cakes using cannabis butter, just make sure those are always done properly for you to share the tasty results with your friends.

Cannabutter crock pot recipe

As you may see, there’s an endless number of options to use the marijuana butter. Plus, making your own cannabis butter won’t take too much time and effort. And exactly this crock pot method’s advantage is especially attractive – just few steps, really short preparation time and the butter is already good for your breakfast toasts and tea. Slow cooking on low temperatures ensures the THC will get fully absorbed into the butter, avoiding the risk of spoiling everything at higher temperatures. If you have ever baked something, you certainly know how hot a pot gets when on high settings, and that’s why this slow cooking method can be the optimal one. It is easy for you to monitor the progress, and thus, you can be absolutely sure you will get the qualitative final product.

Crock pot cannabutter tips and recomendations

Dosing homemade edibles, especially if doing it for the first time, can be pretty tricky, so the best variant to test the product for potency is to begin with a single portion, wait a few hours and only then come to a conclusion whether to proceed making more. Be sure to always dose it carefully, regarding your own body needs and once you’ve decided to bake something marijuana-containing – driving becomes a huge no-no even after consuming a small amount of grass.

Final Moments

So, today we’ve learned how to make cannabutter crock pot as the weed butter is a way hundreds of people prefer consuming Mary Jane rather than smoking or vaping it. Such “high” butter can be applied when making pastries and many other goodies. With cannabutter you can easily turn any usual recipe into a more refined dish that will be both super delicious and have a little secret effect.

With a wide variety of ways to prepare marijuana butter, precisely this cannabutter crock pot method is perhaps the easiest one allowing you to use it when cooking other meals and drinks. All in all, do not waste the time, grab some weed, the tools needed and try out this incredible edible!

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  1. Ralph Casey 6 months ago

    I made Your cannibas butter in my crockpot and it turned out great. I put 2 lb of unsalted butter in on low . When the butter melted. I add a ounce of grinned weed and set my cooker on low for 8 hours it got very hot on low I kept stirring it every 10 to 15 minutes so it wouldn’t burn. It turned out great I have enough cannibas butter for quite a lot of cookies Thanks. Cookies turned out very good great buzz. Thanks Again.

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