Marijuana Vaporizers

Have you heard the news? Smoking is out, and vaping is in.

For so many different reasons, many cannabis enthusiasts are migrating from traditional consumption methods to more tech-driven, innovative ways like vaping.

The biggest reason for this change is lung health. Vaporizers allow you to get high without inhaling carcinogen-laden smoke. In many ways, these types of products represent the new direction of the industry.

The cannabis industry is becoming more high-tech each year and as more research and information about individual products comes out of the woodwork, more entrepreneurs are focused on creating products that both work well, and give consumers the safest cannabis experience possible.

Though people have been vaping and smoking for over a decade now without any major complications, finding new ways to ensure that cannabis maintains its newly found positive health reputation is always important.

On one hand, vaporization has blown up as a health trend for cannabis lovers. Most forms of cannabis consumption have some type of downside: smoking a joint or bowl still subjects the consumer to charred plant matter, and many edible companies still rely on sugary desserts as a vehicle for infused products. Vaporizing cannabis is the only surefire way to avoid the most common cons to cannabis consumption since the process doesn’t create smoke and is 100% calorie and sugar-free when compared with other options of consumption.

On the other hand, vaporization can be a cheaper way to experience a high because, after you invest money in the product upfront, the amount of marijuana you need to get high is much less than with traditional methods.


How They Work

Vaporizers and other tools that rely on conduction to transform cannabis product into smoke or vapour typically use flower or concentrate directly applied to a hot plate to change a product into a usable form. When dabbing, the “hot plate” is an ultra-hot metal nail that is heated to extremely high temperatures using a small blowtorch.

Rather than heating the cannabis matter directly with a heating element, convective vaporization uses an electronic mechanism to heat air. Once the air reaches the right temperature, the hot air heats the cannabis flower and/or concentrate, extracting the THC and turning the material into a vapor without charring the substance.

Of the two types, convective vaporization is the best for your body. The convective method avoids the charring associated with nearly every other method, meaning that convective vaporization creates the purest form of activated, consumable cannabis.


Finding a Quality Vaporizer

Though vaporization is one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis, not all vaporizers are the same. Depending on the model, different vaporizers can rely on the same methods for activating and extracting cannabinoids as other activities, like dabbing. Yet, as vaporizer technology becomes better each year, consumers need to begin understanding what to look for in a quality machine. If you have any questions about which vaporizer will be best for you please reach out to our team of experts.

Please Note: Unlike the metal variety, ceramic heating elements won’t alter the taste or quality of your cannabis.

The final thing that you need to be concerned about when vaping, dabbing, or relying on heat to consume your herb is temperature. Often, avid cannabis consumers turn up the heat on their vaporizers (or try to make their dab rigs boiling-lava hot) to produce an extra thick vapor or smoke. This is a dangerous game to play because this thicker smoke has more concentrated THC within it. If you’re starting dabbing, try not to rely on extremely high temperatures. Keep your rig at an appropriate temperature to start, and then grow from there.


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