OG Kush undoubtedly makes up a true backbone of West Coast marijuana species. This unique cannabis strain (technically, hybrid) is probably one of the most famed representatives of weed in the world, making it a legendary sort, popular across the globe and currently in top demands in countries such as the US and neighboring Canada. This pot’s resin-packed seeds are sold at unprecedented prices. All of the hype around this cannabis strain has risen due to this weed’s truly delicious lime flavor, together with the prize-winning potency, what makes this strain a favorite one for a great number of growers. Today we offer all the puffers around the world the most complete og kush strain review and we’ll define is og kush sativa or indica. Let’s light up and get rolling!

What is OG Kush?

History and origins

OG Kush is a legendary weed strain the name of which is widely recognized even outside of the weed smoker’s culture. Despite its great reputation and fame, in fact, its exact place of origin and nature remain a great mystery. Someone claims this strain was received as a result of crossbreeding between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush sorts. Another potential version tells that that og kush weed strain emerged from an unidentified seeds packet as a distinct combination of some existing strains.
The original meaning of this cannabis strain’s name is also widely disputed – depicting the “OG” was alternatively used to mean “original gangsta,” speaking of its honored status of an integral part of the old-school Westside gangster culture in addition to the “ocean grown,” referring to its primary origins on the Californian coast and sometimes “OverGrown.com,” which is presently-defunct web resource that once served as the main supplier for many marijuana growers.


Speaking of og kush cannabis strain, it represents a large and bushy plant with a potential to reach the maximum height of almost 3 meters, featuring an abundance of heavy flowering buds. A mature flower appears in dense clusters of light green (lime) color, packed with resin. A note for the growers: this strain’s plant will also be a perfect mother plant, giving you an opportunity to extract a bulk of clones.
OG Kush has large indica-like buds which have quite a dense structure. Plant’s leaf is yellowish green, however some hybrids may demonstrate traces of purple – a result of herb’s pigments entering chemical reaction with cold weather.
Setting og kush’s buds on fire or breaking them open calls that pine-like odor. The OG Kush’s smoke is traditionally pretty harsh and cough-inducing, moreover, it may cause person’s eyes to water when smoked for the first time. Overall, the kush’s aroma is equally sharply pungent and fresh, but with sweeter notes, diluted with a light touch of earth and diesel, also reminding of that barbecue smell, being a typical American flavor. The unmistakable herb’s flavor, along with the sort’s strength, may explain its costliness.


According to the latest test carried out in Californian laboratory (where this particular strain possibly originates), the og kush may be containing up to 24% THC and almost 0.23% CBD. The effect of this strain is intense, hitting you right on the spot, bringing that long-lasting euphoric buzz that is both mental and physical. Some may describe it as a sudden outburst of energy, while many others find the weed’s effects to be highly sedating. But without exception, everyone agrees that it has a powerfully relaxing effect.


Thanks to the strain’s nature, the OG Kush is a perfect building block as well as a base for yielding such successful crossbreeds like, for example, Bubba Kush and also creating up some best og kush strain hybrids some of which have already become popular as independent species, such as Tahoe OG as well as Alpha OG.


The high state of mind from smoking this particular strain is more consciousness-focused than physical. The kush’s influence usually starts as a totally sudden rush leading most users to become a lot more focused on the surrounding sounds and objects, intensifying all of human’s senses. Such alteration might soon summon a general uplift in person’s mood gradually progressing towards euphoria.
The whole “upgrade” of the focus abilities may not be as strong as from smoking more pure sativa strain, yet it is quite a versatile cannabis sort that devotes itself to improving the smoker’s mood and mindset.
The mix of durable mental stimulation and significant improvements in mood makes this genuinely social weed strain an awesome pick for loud parties and nicely flowing conversations. It is also a great choice for enhancing activities that involve both physical and mental stimulation, like video games, physical exercises and, especially, sex.

Benefits and uses

Due to og kush’s energizing and mood-lifting effects, the strain can be fully enjoyed during the daylight and early evening. The strain’s strong high may be appreciated when in a whirlwind of social events or even home alone, for instance, for accomplishing a bunch of tasks.
As a well-known urban legend may be telling, the kush was primarily used by many gang members and is still popular among rappers because of its high CBD ratio, that is proven to blind even the strongest pain, including one from gunshot wounds received in a shootout. That’s so OG, indeed!
This cannabis strain also has a medical application as a mean to relieve anxiety and ease depression felt at the moment. Its focus sharpening effect might also be pretty helpful for individuals experiencing attention deficit disorders. In addition, scientists have reported a durable relief from intense headaches and migraines in the process of smoking this strain.

Is OG Kush a sativa or indica?

So, is og kush indica or sativa? The term “kush” traditionally refers to a family of marijuana strains cultivated in such regions like Afghanistan and Pakistan, close to the Hindu Kush mountain range. The entire region is popularly known exactly for the purest marijuana indica, thus it leading many people to suppose the og strain has to be generally indica. And you know what? That’s absolutely right! The sort’s genetics features 75% indica and 25% sativa.

Why do people use OG Kush?

The unique and well-balanced og kush’s effects make this particular sort very popular among many weed lovers. The hybrid is highly valued for knocking stress and depression right from the third blow. Either way, people especially sensitive to THC must avoid consuming the high doses of the plant as it may cause mild paranoia in some cases.
Given all its beneficial abilities, Aunt Mary is perhaps one of the most pricy strains currently available on the market, being sold for up to $30 for a gram. The kush is so widely spread in the United States, it has already become a synonym for “strong high,” constantly increasing its price tag through the vocal support of many rappers, Hollywood celebrities and even recovering athletes.

Final thoughts

So, it feels like a perfect time to total all the pluses. From this article many newcomers to the world ruled by Queen Mary have learned there is no other strain even more reputable than our original gangster. We’ve also received an answer on the question “what strain is og kush?” as well as revealed its best qualities.
Recreational users will surely enjoy this very strain for the purpose of falling into that deep relaxation state. Kush’s strong mental stimulation will make it absolutely easy to focus on any kind of task. However, some might find themselves a bit too drowsy to get a full concentration on the chore at hand. Arranging a full-scale party? Wishing to have tons of fun with a crowd? Invite OG Kush to your next big adventure!
A small bonus hint: it’ll be an excellent idea to have some snacks at hand before waking up this bud. In addition to all, it will increase appetite, making it a top choice for those having appetite issues or suffering from gastrointestinal distress.

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