For sound reasons of public health policy, cannabis is a recreational substance that has reportedly been used in many parts of the world. Until recently, cannabis is gaining attention as a substance that can be used for many medical conditions ranging from anxiety disorders to dementia.

Even though cannabis is mostly taken for smoking, it can also be used:

  • In foods such as cookies or cakes;
  • Applied as extracts and concentrates like oil.

However, smoking this plant remains the most recognized way of using it, especially when taken for recreational purposes. So, exactly, what part of a cannabis plant is used to smoke? To find out, one must understand the anatomy of cannabis.

What are the parts of a marijuana plant?

Getting a clear picture of what part of a marijuana plant is used to smoke, let us first describe these parts. It is important as it gives you an advantage of knowing which part can be more useful for you. Therefore, cannabis is a flowering herb that consists of several parts including:

  • Roots and stem;
  • Nodes and buds;
  • Fan leaves;
  • Sugar leaves;
  • Flowers.

Cannabis can either be male or female. Sometimes some plants can be hermaphrodite, this means that they have both male and female parts of the plant:

  • The male function is to pollinate the female plant so the seeds can be produced;
  • The female plant has flowers which eventually become buds.

This plant differs from sensimilla – a female plant that doesn’t produce any seeds. Exactly this plant produces potent buds that are used for smoking as it contains a lot of cannabinoids:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – “high” effect component in a flowering plant, and found mostly in Сannabis Sativas.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – one more active element that is mostly contained in the Сannabis Indicas and has relaxing effect.

So, what part of the cannabis plant should you smoke?

To be clear, the effect you get depends on the part of a cannabis used to smoke. However, the most commonly smoked part of cannabis that is smoked is bud. So, can other parts of the marijuana plant be smoked?

1. Bud

Buds (calyxes) – they are found underneath the sugar leaves of cannabis. They include a lot of glands that are responsible for secreting cannabinoids and terpenes. While cannabinoids generate the psychogenic effects of marijuana, terpenes only give marijuana its distinctive smell.
Note: the bud is the most common part of cannabis used to smoke. It is the most potent part of the marijuana plant because it is filled with cannabinoids, especially THC. Because of this, most people get the best effects when they use the buds.

2. Flowers

The most evident feature of cannabis flowers that catches attention is the many tiny resins known as trichomes. These trichomes give the cannabis flower a crystalline appearance. Flowers also have:

  • Pistils -.the pistils do not have an impact on the psychogenic effect of marijuana.
  • Small orange hairs – they are also produced from the flower.

In fact, trichomes are high in Cannabinoids, and they also contain aromatic oils which have both recreational and therapeutic effects.
Finally, smoking cannabis flowers can have a similar effect to smoking the buds since they also contain a significant amount of cannabinoids.

3. Leaves

Cannabis has 2 kinds of leaves:

  • The fan leaves – the large leaves that are found along the length of the plant, and can have 5 to 7 leaflets depending on the species of cannabis;
  • The sugar leaves – the small leaves that are found close to the bud which also have trichomes on their surface.

You might ask: can cannabis leaves be smoked or can you smoke sugar leaves? The answer to this question is yes because these leaves also have some cannabinoids in them, although less than the buds.
But most people don’t smoke leaves because they do not produce an effect equivalent to that produced by the buds or flowers. However, these leaves can be used as extracts to make cannabis oil or used in juices.

Can you smoke other parts of the cannabis plant?

Even though you can smoke many parts including the buds, flowers and sugar leaves, there are still some parts of cannabis that you should not smoke. These include:

  • Stem;
  • Roots;
  • Seeds;
  • Nodes.

Smoking of these parts is not recommended as it produces no effect and so, there is no point whatsoever. Even though most people smoke only the buds of marijuana, the other parts such as leaves can also be used for smoking to produce some effect to some extent.
Stems can also be used only when they are mixed with other parts such as leaves, stalks and roots into a substance known as hashish. Hashish is very potent as compared to cannabis and has several negative effects. Side effects of hashish include:

  • Lung cancer;
  • Temporary infertility;
  • Short-term memory loss;
  • Dry mouth and addiction;
  • Loss of motivation;
  • Panic attacks.

Tips and health recommendations for safe use of cannabis
Now, let’s figure out which part of cannabis do you smoke to get the desired effect? So this all depends on the effect you are looking for. For example, for a higher effect, it is best to smoke the bud while smoking the leaves can produce a lesser euphoric effect. It also depends on the type of cannabis you smoke: Indica or Sativa.
Here are a few tips to follow in order to make sure you get the best experience from smoking cannabis:

  • If you are a beginner at smoking cannabis, for the first time it is best to be in a comfortable environment, preferably among your friends.
  • Avoid smoking marijuana frequently if you have chronic diseases such as diabetes as this can worsen your condition.
  • Start with a small dose (microdose), usually 5mg then increase it depending on your tolerance.
  • If you want to avoid some side effects such as euphoria and want to still continue with daily activities, you can take cannabis in small doses.
  • Use a vaporizer to limit how much cannabis you smoke. Using vaporizers can also decrease the chances of you burning your throat when smoking.
  • Avoid taking inhaling moke for long periods when smoking cannabis as this can increase the absorption of harmful substances into your bloodstream.
  • Do not use potent cannabis as this will cause you to have higher psychogenic side effects.
  • Do not smoke marijuana every day as it can affect your health, instead limit smoking to occasional moments such as during weekends.
  • Conclusion

    Whatever your intention is, the effect you get from smoking cannabis depends on the part of the cannabis plant that you decide to smoke. Smoking cannabis buds and flowers can produce a higher effect than smoking cannabis leaves.
    The effect that you get can also depend on the species of cannabis you smoke. Indica is more responsible for the physical effects associated with smoking cannabis such as increased appetite. Sativa is associated with the mental effects such as increased creativity and euphoria.
    You can contact us to get more information on the best cannabis and how to use cannabis safely!

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