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Health Benefits of Cannabis

Since the mid-1990s, marijuana has been legalized for medical uses in many provinces and states. But in all that time, the benefits of pot have remained hazy. Despite some research showing that it can be good for pain and muscle stiffness, many of the claims about what pot can do for other ailments — such as epilepsy and irritable bowel syndrome — are based on anecdotal evidence and have yet to be scientifically proven.

Cannabis for Pain

Countless patient reports and studies confirm the pain-relieving properties of cannabis. Definitive evidence that cannabinoids are effective in treating chronic pain comes in a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. It is based on one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted into cannabis.

Most people take medicinal marijuana as pain-relief. In particular, patients suffering from cancer, migraines or multiple sclerosis (MS) report positive experiences.

Cannabis Relieves Nausea

Various surveys and studies confirm what anecdotal evidence has long suggested: Cannabis is proving to be extremely effective in the treatment of nausea and other issues. Cannabis helps relieve these pains by subduing some of the pain receptors, as well as distracting the body and helping soothe of the issues causing the pain.

Replaces Opiates

Canada is currently afflicted by the biggest drugs epidemic in its history. Every day, almost 150 people die from an overdose of opioids such as heroin or fentanyl. And there is no end in sight.

Medicinal cannabis offers a glimmer of hope. It can reduce the need for opiate-based painkillers. For many addicts, cannabis also alleviates withdrawal symptoms.

Cannabis Helps Alzheimer Patients

Even very low quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can slow down, and even halt Alzheimer’s. The most common cannabinoids have long been purported to have neuroprotective properties. Because Alzheimer’s is associated with inflammation in the immune system, cannabidiol (CBD) also plays a part in its treatment.

Cannabis Relieves Inflammation

Naturopaths have been using marijuana to treat inflammation for thousands of years. The British company GW Pharmaceutical developed Sativex on the back of various pieces of research. This cannabis-based mouth spray has been successfully used in the treatment of painful muscular cramps that can be triggered by multiple sclerosis.

Asthma patients also benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis. In this context, the pain relief and antibiotic properties of the cannabis plant have been well documented.

Cannabis Help you Sleep

We all suffer from insomnia from time to time, counting flocks of sheep and still being unable to fall asleep. Occasional insomnia is part of life, but when sleep disorders become chronic, they soon cause problems for the person affected. Many resort to sleeping tablets which, while effective, are controversial, mainly because people can become dependent on them.

Overall, it’s true that Cannabis can help relieve pain and other symptoms, however, it’s still not totally proven.


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