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Hybrid cannabis strains, what are they? How do they affect me differently than the other 2 strains?

Unless you are a seasoned cannabis user, the amount of selection at a cannabis dispensary will overwhelm you when you visit. Along with the amazing variety of cannabis products now available to consumers, there are 3 different strains for customers to be aware when purchasing cannabis; hybrid, indica, and sativa. Understanding the differences between these 3 strains is the key to enjoying the relief they provide.

The hybrid strain is most common because of the decades of plant cross-breeding. Read further down to learn some of the distinguishing elements of the hybrid strain.

What are hybrid strains of cannabis?

As the word suggests, a hybrid strain is a mix of the other two main classes of cannabis — “indica” and “sativa”. Hybrids are distinguished by there very balanced combination of effects from both the sativa and indica strains.

If you’re wondering about the names themselves, all 3 strain names are derived from the folk taxonomy of cannabis that is older than the new-age modern chemical quantification of the plant. Don’t worry though, the terms don’t mean a whole lot to users other than what kind of effects they provide.

What are the notable differences between the strains?

Unlike other drugs that provide a markedly similar experience no matter what type of intoxicant (ex. Whisky vs. Gin) you consume, consuming the different strains of cannabis results in very different types of experiences and effects. Knowing, and of course understanding, the type of cannabis you’re consuming is extremely important to enjoying your high, as well as helps you to achieve the type of relief you’re seeking.

For example, sativas are known as daytime strains, due to the uplifting, energetic, and overall non-drowsy head high that they produce. Indicas on the other hand are known as “in the couch” strains because of there full-on drowsy effects. Then hybrids are a mix of sativa and indica, and they can provide both uplifting and relaxing effects depending on the actual strain.

What makes a strain different?

Cannabis has dozens of active molecules, called “cannabinoids” and “terpenes”. These active molecules are different in each strain, hence the diverse effects that users can receive from the various strains.

What are the different strains of hybrids?

Now it gets complicated! Just like how there are indica and sativa strains, certain hybrid strains can be either indica or sativa-dominant. This just means that they will express the characteristics of the dominant parent with less character­istics of the secondary variety. These types of strains are great for people who want to test out the waters of either sativa or indica, but don’t yet want to jump into the deep-end.

Are Hybrids right for me?

Everyone’s different, but hybrid strains are great because they’re a safe middle ground. Many people become hybrid fans because of how they possess elements of both other strains. Hybrids are also great for beginners, who might not know how cannabis makes them feel, or know how they want cannabis to make them feel.


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