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What are the Differences between Sativa & Indica cannabis strains?

Trying to decide which cannabis strain is best for your needs? Well, we’re here to help you! Remember, if you have any questions, our friendly and super informed customer service agents are just an email or phone call away!

Indica strains are known to be:

  • Physically Sedating
  • Perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed.

Sativa strains are known to be:

  • Invigorating
  • Uplifting with cerebral effects that pair well with:
    • Physical Activity
    • Social Gatherings
    • Creative Projects.

Hybrid strains often fall to the side because they can offer the best of both worlds depending on the dominant strain or parent plants. If you’re looking to try a hybrid strain, keep an eye out for the words “Sativa-dominant” and “Indica-dominant”. These will give you a better idea of what kind of experience you should expect when trying a hybrid strain.

What do I make of all of this nomenclature? Is it worth understanding?

Think that all this talk about how the different strains offer different effects is all phony and just marketing speak? You aren’t alone, but you are totally wrong!

Through research and testing, it’s been proven that the 3 categories of cannabis strains do produce different affects. Although the affects do largely depend on the person that is consuming them, how one is affected does differ when using the varied strains.

How do they differ scientifically speaking?

The three-type system that is used to predict cannabis effects is undoubtedly helpful for retailers, as it gives them pre-built marketing copy and selling features, but with so many strains and products now available to consumers, where do you go to decide what strain to buy when it’s your first time?

The answer is, you look inwards. Before you purchase any cannabis products, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for. The strains offer different effects, so do the products, and so does the amount you consume. There are lots of variables to consider when consuming cannabis, that’s why it’s so important for you, and whoever you’re consuming with, to be informed about all that goes into it.

Which Cannabis Strain Right for You?

Overwhelming is often the word consumers use when considering their cannabis options. To get over this feeling, speak with someone! We have friendly and informed customer service agents waiting for your call. Access them and ask questions. It’s much better to know what you’re getting into before you just go off and start trying a bunch of different products.

Ironically, the more you know about cannabis, the more questions seem to arise. But understanding the basic properties of cannabinoids, terpenes, and consumption methods will often answer the most fundamental question of cannabis: What product is right for me? And the answer to that question will be vastly different between people.


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