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House of Glass 5 Flavour Sample Pack

A mix of 5 different flavours from House of Glass, ranging from legacy favourites, to our 24 new flavours, to sample for your smoking pleasure.

Doing Your First Dab

Be careful! Dabbing is different than smoking other types of cannabis. It will hit you in the face, and make you feel higher than you have before.

Dabbing Supplies

  • A Rig / Bong
  • A “Nail” (we will discuss this later)
  • A “Wand” (ditto)
  • Hand Torch
  • Tongs
  • Clean Rag
  • Bowl of Water

All these supplies might seem a bit daunting, but hang in there, it’s worth it.

Aside from all the above supplies, you will need some Wax or Shatter to smoke. These are the marijuana concentrates that the dabbing rig was designed for.

Before you jump into this head first, it is important to season your “Nail” if it has never been used before. This will help burn off any potentially harmful fumes from the freshly machined metal. An extremely important step if you like to avoid poisoning yourself.

What Is A Nail?

A Nail is a type of bowl used exclusively for dabs. Generally, they are Titanium, Quartz or Ceramic.

The dabbing Nail is made to fit over or inside the glass fitting on your bong. It is essentially a tube with a small ridge at the top to place/ melt/smoke your Wax or Shatter. While they are pretty simple in concept, they range in price from $20.00 to well over $200.00.

A Wand or Dabber is the tool you use to pick up your Wax / Shatter and press it against the Nail. We prefer glass Wands, but they can be metal or ceramic as well.

Dabbing Nail

  1. Place your Nail on your Rig and grab that hand torch.
  2. Hit the nail with the flame until it is red hot.
  3. Put a bit of water on the Nail or extra Wax / Shatter.
  4. Let it burn away, then use the tongs to grab the Nail and place it in the bowl of water.
  5. Once the Nail is cool to the touch, repeat the process 2-3 times.

Now you are ready to start using your seasoned Nail to get lifted.


Your nail is seasoned, your supplies are ready, your mouth is watering and you’re ready to do your first dab.

Grab your rig and place the Nail on it. Use your Wand to grab a small piece of Shatter or Wax (best to start small). Heat the Nail up with your Hand Torch until it is almost red hot.Use your Wand to Dab the Wax / Shatter on the head of the Nail as you gently draw on your rig.

An important step that is often overlooked is cleaning. You need to do this! It will make the next time you choose to dab much, much better.

To do this, follow these below steps:

Heat up your wand for a few seconds to loosen up any Wax / Shatter left on it, then wipe it down with your clean rag or alcohol wipes if you have them.


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