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Extracts & Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates (which include various types of shatter, phytos, kief, resin, etc.) are, basically, psychoactive chemical compounds extracted from dried marijuana plants with the help of special solvents compressed into different shapes and formats. Shatter, phytos and even Goji berry-infused oils, being a product of compression and special processing of strong cannabis components extracted from various strain crosses, demonstrate quite boosted effects, as opposed to ordinary strains in the form of weed buds. Marijuana extracts and concentrates show the most positive results at treating severe medical cases (pain, anxiety, and many other difficult ailments), as well as providing strong recreational effects. The extraction process is a complex and potentially dangerous affair which should be conducted only by the experts. If you’re looking to purchase expertly produced cannabis extracts & concentrates online, take a look at the premium quality choice of our Marijuana extracts & concentrates shop. We provide mail order weed extracts & concentrates so that you get the most convenient, effortless way to buy cannabis extracts & concentrates in Canada.

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