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What are the Different Types of Shatter

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate. They’ve become go-to products for many seasoned, or even adventurous beginner, cannabis users. People love cannabis concentrates because they’re very different, and more potent than the classic paper rolled joints. It helps to think of cannabis concentrates as the Goliath-type products, versus the more classic products like joints and edibles as more David-type, less potent cannabis products.

What are Cannabis Concentrates? How will it Affect me?

Cannabis concentrates are a specific type of cannabis extract. Although there are many different types of cannabis concentrates, they all share similarly high-potency. Cannabis concentrates can come in many different forms, consistencies, and can be manufactured to create waxes, shatters, oils, dabs, as well as many other different cannabis products. The main reason why people prefer cannabis concentrates over more traditional cannabis products is because they’re more pure and potent.

Cannabis concentrates produce an intense “high”, that’s why when they’re discussed, it’s often preceded by a warning to unseasoned users to either avoid or at least be cautious when consuming.

What is Cannabis Oil? How will it Affect me?

Cannabis oil extracts are strange looking. They have yellowish tinges to them and are often referred to as “honey oil” because of their distinct colouring. Cannabis oil is often used to treat medical conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, and inflammatory disease. It’s more well-suited for medicinal use because of the potency of the product, as well as the amount of the relief/relaxation/pain relief that it provides.

Cannabis oil can also be taken orally through a capsule, an oral syringe, or as a drop under the tongue. It can also be mixed with other ingredients while cooking because it has more viscosity than shatter and wax. It should only be prepared with edible solvents such as butter and olive oil.

What is Cannabis Wax?

Cannabis wax can be confusing because it has a ton of different monikers. Here are some of the most common names you’ll hear it referred to as:

  • Crumble
  • Budder
  • Ear Wax

Cannabis wax is likely one of the most powerful cannabis products on the market today. Its identifiable features include a softer, opaquer look. Plus, it can resemble a blander oil that has lost its transparency. It looks this way because the molecules within it crystallize after it has been extracted and agitated (the process that is used to create it).

What is Cannabis Shatter?

Cannabis shatter is the concentrate product that looks most glasslike. It has the consistency of very thick honey with some degree of transparency and colour. However, when warmed the consistency transforms to something more closely associated with a thick honey. However, when it is cold, its consistency changes to resemble that of glass and as such, it got the name “shatter” because it looks like a thin piece of glass or ice that can be shattered.


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