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What are the Benefits of Hash? Why should I try it?

The benefits of cannabis, both mentally and physically are often debated hotly. A lot of research has centered around what is the right way to use cannabis to help with a variety of medical conditions, no matter whether those conditions are mental or physical. And although there are a ton of cannabis products that all promise to deliver therapeutic benefits, hash is a unique cannabis product because of how it is prepared, as well as the results it delivers.

Known as a very potent form of cannabis, hash is produced from the collection and compression of trichomes. Trichomes are the fine, sticky growths that cover cannabis plants, as well as the aspect of the plant that is the most potent.

Hash is more potent than the actual cannabis flower itself. It’s stronger and more potent because it has been processed and refined. Essentially what that means is that you should think long and hard about your dosage when first try it.

Be willing to adjust and remember that no one has overdosed on cannabis before, however there is the chance you’ll have a less than enjoyable experience if you overdose yourself. Note that, even if you take too much, you are not at risk, and just need to ride it out.

How does Hash compare with other cannabis products?

Understanding what hash is, as well as how it will affect you is important before you try it out. Hash comes from the resin of the cannabis plant, as well as the buds, and although there are many different types of hash on the market, it is all produced through the same type of extraction process.

Smoking has can also be done in a bunch of different ways depending on the type you have. One of the most popular ways to consume hash is by dabbing. It’s rather easy to do so, it just takes some preparation, as well as a dab rig setup.

Finally, the question everyone wants answered, how “high” does hash get you compared with other cannabis products? The answer, pretty “high”. Hash potency tends to range from 40% THC, all the way up to 80%. Therefore, it’s important that you check with your dispensary before you buy!

What are the health benefits of using Hash?

Cannabidiol or CBD is the cannabis compound most significantly linked with medical benefits. It doesn’t contribute to the “high” or “stoned” sensation you feel after you’ve consumed cannabis, in-fact it works against the psychoactive effects of cannabis. However, it’s the aspect of the cannabis plant that is most therapeutic. Luckily, CBD is found in hash, just as it is in cannabis. Because of this, some patients may find seizure and spasm relief by using a hash, but again finding the right dosage that suits your needs is the biggest concern.


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