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Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate produced by extracting (usually from dried cannabis) marijuana plant’s strong psychoactive chemical compounds, such as cannabinoids and terpenes. It might as well contain up to 74% THC, which is a pretty advanced solution for those who are looking to boost the traditional recreational or medical effects. Many different solvents can be used to establish the extraction process, for instance: methanol, chloroform, ethanol, petroleum ether, etc. This kind of concentrate is called “shatter” due to it resembling glass by form and appearance and “shattering” physical properties. Shatter is, usually, based on strong strain crosses and different shatter can cause different effects similarly to various ordinary strains, though boosted. All in all, you can decide to buy cannabis shatter online via our Marijuana shatter shop if you wish to experience something stronger or need an enhanced treatment for your particular medical issues. Cannaporium offers mail order weed shatter of the most various types and tastes and the most comfortable conditions to remotely buy cannabis shatter in Canada.

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