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Benefits of Self-Care

Heard about the many self-care benefits of cannabis? There are more cannabis self-care products out there than you can imagine! Some would there are too many options to

While it’s true that marijuana’s psychoactive properties make for a giggly-good-time, weed has a lot of other applications that aren’t nearly as widely talked about.  It’s not a far cry to call this plant a “miracle drug” in some respects and listing all its potential health and self-care uses would be pages and pages of information.  I condensed that list into eight practical and interesting uses for marijuana below to help you be your best self.

Restful Nights

Smoking pure Indica strains of marijuana before bedtime can make it much easier for those who have difficulty falling asleep at night.  You may want to think about replacing your Tylenol PM with eating edibles, which can help keep you asleep if you wake up frequently, due to its longer-acting properties.

Skin Care

Eczema, burns and irritated skin can be soothed with any skin care product boasting hemp oil.  I get terrible eczema on my elbows and face, (thanks, dad) and I use a heavy-duty balm by Emu that gives me relief in seconds.


Lighting a candle with hemp oil allows for soothing aromatherapy, boasting such benefits as easing headaches, and stabilizing mood swings.  Candles, in general, emit a relaxing, sexy ambiance so why not get one with some extra perks

Mental Health

Scientists are incredibly interested in how marijuana affects mental health, and several studies have been done examining its effects on depression and anxiety.  Some studies have shown evidence that marijuana helps stabilize moods by increasing production of endocannabinoids, a receptor in the brain responsible for psychological responses.


Use of opioids in this country is at an all-time high, inciting the Attorney General to name it an epidemic.  Pills like Vicodin or Oxycontin are causing a record number of overdoses around the country, and there seems to be very little that the government or local governments can do to arrest it at this point.  Decriminalizing use of these products has proven to decrease overdoses and increase the likelihood that addicts will come forward for help, but while we wait for that to never happen, weed has become increasingly popular as a way to decrease or detox completely from opiate use.


Self-care is a key part of living a great life. It’s important to keep yourself balanced and headstrong throughout your life. With these items from Cannaporium you can take care of your physical state, while also enjoying incredible mental health.


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