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Why are Vape Pens Awesome?

Friend just get a vape pen and now you’re looking at buying one too? Now’s the perfect time to pick one up! The benefits of vaporizing instead of smoking cigarettes are well documented, and as you’ve probably noticed everybody is doing… and loving it.

It’s important to note, that while smoking weed is far from dangerous, vaping is better for your body. Below, we’ll cover the several reasons why beginner, or even seasoned weed smokers should perhaps consider switching over to vaping.

It’s Proven to be Healthier

Because vaporizers heat marijuana at a lower temperature than lighters do, the devices reduce the harmful by-products that are formed when cannabis is heated to a combustion point. This allows them to only produce the inhalable vapor that provides patients with relief, without producing any of the bad stuff that causes lung problems. On top of this, vaporizing cannabis can yield more anti-inflammatory terpenoids. This is great because these terpenoids protect the lungs from irritation.

Vaping is Discreet… if Done Properly

Although some portable vapes can emit a noticeable vapor and smell, if done correctly/discreetly, vaping cannabis is much, much more discreet than smoking can, or will ever be. And although there are vaporizers that do produce some smell, they produce a smell that is markedly less prominent than the smell produced by a joint. The discreetness element of the vaporizer is great because, unlike with a joint, you don’t have to constantly get up and leave the party, concert, or wherever to smoke, you can take a puff without anyone noticing.

It’s Better Tasting

This one is sometimes debated by more old school cannabis enthusiasts, but we think it can be said unequivocally that vaping weed tastes better than smoking it. The flavour notes that can be added to the oil in a vape pen add so much more flavour than any joint can. This is because cannabis oil can be infused much more strongly than actual buds. Plus, because vaporizers don’t burn the weed, the flavour doesn’t escape into the atmosphere. Instead, the vapor you receive when puffing on a vape pens is tastier, cleaner, clearer, and overall just yummier.

It’s Cheaper… Eventually

Vaporizing cannabis has been ranked as the most efficient method of marijuana intake, and we can argue with that. It requires a much lower dose than smoking, edibles, or even tea to get patients high. Vape pens do come with a rather sizable upfront investment, don’t get sticker shock because in the long run they’re worth it. They’re known to last about 3 months for people who smoke it on a semi-regular basis, and even for those who are using it daily, it can still last months, which is a lot better than a $5 joint that will last you 10 minutes.

It’s Effective

Of course, it is! We would never sell products that don’t help our customers improve their physical and mental states.


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