Cannabear is proudly based out of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our main focus is to provide great taste, quality, and accuracy so you can be sure to have a safe experience while enjoying our medicated gummies. Our product is created using 100% pure organic Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil.

Cannabear gummy bottles are packed with 4 tasty flavours. We have Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, and Lime. Every gummy is infused with 10MG of high grade 100% pure organic Full Spectrum Cannabis oil. The fruit flavours come from potent concentrated fruit extract oils which leaves you with a lovely natural taste.

Lab-tested to contain 84% THC

We use a Full Spectrum Cannabis oil derived from a pesticide-free single strain, outdoor grown in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. Because it’s made from a single source strain in large batches, the results are a perfect consistency in every dose.

Our sun grown plants enjoy a life that a cannabis plant should, consuming glacial waters, fresh air, natural negative ions, and real sunlight. We also use all the buds from the very top to the bottom, that means AAAA top nugs down to the smalls. This produces an exceptional product and unique terpene profile that is reflected in the very clean and potent oil. Great for our edibles.

We’re proud of what we do and excited to offer this exceptional product to patients and cannabis lovers in a tasty way.

• Single source, one plant strain

• full terpene profile left intact

• sun grown

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