Pink Kush


Pink Kush strain is a heavy cannabis indica with a potent medicinal body high. Often recommended for a variety of disorders including insomnia chronic pain, migraines, mood disorders, appetite loss and anxiety. It's high, is happy and peaceful and usually accompanied by increased appetite. Given its strength, with some estimating it at a 20% THC content, it's not a beginner weed and it should certainly be reserved only for your time off.

Discounts for larger orders:
$12 * 3.5g + 0% Discount = $42
$12 * 7g + 5% Discount = $79.80
$12 * 14g + 10% Discount = $151.20
$12 * 28g + 20% Discount = $268.80


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Weight1 g

Single, 3.5g (No Discount), 7g (5% Discount), 14g (10% Discount), 28g (20% Discount)


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