Gramma’s Homemade Jam by The Cure Parlour – 250mg THC

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Granmma’s Homemade Jam by The Cure Parlour reminds me of when my mother would take us strawberry picking when I was a child. We’d spend the day in the hot sun, filling our baskets with big, red, delicious strawberries that we knew she would turn into crates of jam to last the entire year. We’d watch her at the stovetop, pouring love into each jar and that jam tasted better than anything at the grocery store.

We’ve made one small change to mom’s recipe though – a healthy 250mg of THC to cure what ails you – and we have to say that the improvement has had some great results! Our jam is sweet and delicious and the infusion of THC gets you pleasantly high with cool body sensations and a deep sense of calm, but without inhaling smoke and with no intense burnout.

Granmma’s Homemade Jam by The Cure Parlour is fantastic with our Organic Peanut Butter – through them on a sandwich together for an experience that’s out of this world.


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