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Our Honey Cannabis Tincture is one of natures most natural and potent sweeteners. The healing properties of honey alone is miraculous not to mention naturally infusing CBD as well. Straight from hives around British Columbia, our Honey Cannabis Tincture is pasteurized. Honey Cannabis Tincture has a high antioxidant count, powerful antibacterial agents, and notably flowery-sweet taste. Besides the incredible health benefits, our THC honey will be a staple for any cannabis lover’s cupboard. 5mg THC per teaspoon for easy dosing! Oh, and did we mention that our honey is locally sourced within BC?

Our Honey Cannabis Tincture is a fantastic way to get marijuana into your favorite beverage. Does our honey smell like weed in the jar? Absolutely not, it smells like regular honey. Does our Honey taste like weed? Nope on that account too, it tastes like honey made from the wildflowers in your backyard.

How To Use

There are three basic CBD and THC delivery methods: inhalation, oral, and topical. If you have found that your go-to method of marijuana consumption is limited to two ways, it is time to expand your horizon and become a cannabis aficionado. Marijuana attributes to consider when selecting the vehicle for your high: flower quality, type of marijuana product and method of consumption are all equally crucial in your journey of marijuana enlightenment. Our honey tincture is made with a special formulated infusion of cannabis oil thus harnessing the flower’s therapeutic properties.  This delicious Honey Cannabis Tincture from Baked Edibles has 100mg of THC within; perfect for a spread on your toast in the morning, a drizzle on your ice cream, or a sweetener for your tea! You can even add this Honey Cannabis Tincture to your smoothy.


Honey Cannabis Tincture can be used to treat anything you would use a CBD oil or THC for but because you are ingesting the marijuana, you will experience a very notable full-body stone. The full-body stone is much different than the head stone you receive from smoking flower or the targeted pain relief you receive from topical’s. About 30 minutes after you consume our Honey Cannabis Tincture, the CBD and THC will kick in and you will start to feel the many health benefits listed below. Typically, effects will last for 12+ hours depending on the amount you consume and your level of tolerance. These products have longer onsets and tend to cause powerful full-body stones.

CBD/THC Cookie Health Benefits

1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Prevents cancer
3. Prevents neurodegenerative diseases
4. Reduces multiple sclerosis symptoms
5. Reduces symptoms of schizophrenia
6. Reduces seizures
7. Reduces anxiety
8. Reduces pain
9. Reduces nausea and increase appetite
10. Anti-aging
11. Nerve pain
12. Insomnia

The severity of the effects you experience with our Honey Cannabis Tincture will be directly correlated to the amount you consume.

Side Effects

No two bodies are the same. As you test each of our cannabis and CBD products, we advise you to observe the recommended doses and even try to stay just under our recommended dosage. The primary reason people use CBD products is for their tendency to reduce anxiety and help you fall into a deep sleep, so the side effects are inherent in the reason you turn to CBD products. Observed side effects you should be aware of:

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Dizziness
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Relaxation


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