Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Chip Cookies (Indica)

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Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Chip Cookies are a great option for anyone with a bit of a a sweet tooth. Added bonus: If you love the smell and taste of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies than you will love Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Cannabinoid content (whole pkg):

THC 55mg
CBD 3.46mg

How To Use

Ever try to make your own batch of cookies and have no idea how potent they are or how much you can even handle? Lucky for you, legalization of the marijuana industry brought heavy regulations to keep you safe. Each resealable bag of Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Chip Cookies is delicious – and potent. Try ripping one of the small gummies in half and see how quickly your body starts to feel the psychoactive effects.

These cookies are so versatile – you can literally take them anywhere. If you would like to take them to the beach with you or to at the movies, just buy a bag of cookies from Wholefoods and throw our Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Chip Cookies into the bag.


Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Chip Cookie can be used to treat anything you would use a CBD oil for but because it is a much more concentrated amount, you need a lot less to achieve the desired effects. About 30 minutes after you consume our Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Chip Cookie, the THC will start to change the way you think, your memory and your perception of time. The psychoactive effects we have mentioned several times are the hallucinations and delusions you will start to experience. Typically, effects will last for 12+ hours depending on the amount you consume and your level of tolerance.


Health Benefits

1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Prevents cancer
3. Prevents neurodegenerative diseases
4. Reduces multiple sclerosis symptoms
5. Reduces symptoms of schizophrenia
6. Reduces seizures
7. Reduces anxiety
8. Reduces pain
9. Reduces nausea and increase appetite
10. Nerve pain
11. Insomnia

The severity of the effects your experience with Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Chip Cookie will be directly correlated with the amount you consume.

Side Effects

No two bodies are the same. As you test each of our cannabis and CBD products, we advise you to observe the recommended doses and even try to stay just under our recommended dosage. The primary reason people use CBD products is for their tendency to reduce anxiety and help you fall into a deep sleep, so the side effects are inherent in the reason you turn to CBD products. Observed side effects you should be aware of:

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Dizziness
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Relaxation
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