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Sugar Shack Hybrid Shatter is a moderate, indica-dominant hybrid. Great for nighttime or evening use, this strain provides users with a mild head and body-heavy sensation. Be careful, though, because too much Sugar Shack will put you right to sleep. If you’re looking to increase appetite, Sugar Shack is also a great strain to try. Like its name suggests, this strain features a slightly sweet taste and scent that verges on piney and herbal.

A good strain for beginning cannabis users, Sugar Shack is mild yet gets the job done. Predominantly rated exceptional by our customers, our Sugar Shack Hybrid Shatter is a must try for cannabis connoisseurs.

Exhibiting a rich aroma of pine, sweetness and very woodsy, this indica-hybrid appeases the consumer chasing a stimulating cerebral experience anchored in full physical relaxation.

At Cannaporium, we source the highest quality cannabis products and deliver them to your home. The team behind Sugar Shack Hybrid Shatter is no exception to the quality we demand. With their experienced team of horticulturists and extract artists, they are well on their way to setting the benchmark for craft cannabis products.

How To Use

Shatter is that honey and glass-like concentrate that has slowly become all the buzz in the cannabis world today. Because Sugar Shack Hybrid Shatter is high quality shatter, it can be handled under room temperature without melting. In fact, it will maintain itʼs glasslike consistency without going murky. Let’s look at a few ways you can enjoy our shatter:
1. Dab Rig
2. Electric Nail
3. Health Stone
4. Vape Pen
5. Hot Knife

If you prefer to consume shatter preloaded in a vape pen then you may be better suited for our Tucann Vape Pen, Culture Vape Pens, or our Forever Phoenix VIBES Rechargeable Vape Kit

Not sure if shatter is the right cannabis product for you? Here is a complete guide to the varying types of cannabis extracts you can buy from us!

Think outside the box! Outside the typical methods of consumption, we encourage you to get creative with our shatter. Try sprinkling a little shatter into a joint or dab a little onto the end of your cigarette.


Just as the gentle rocking put you to sleep as a child, our Sugar Shack Hybrid Shatter will lull you into a sense of blissful relaxation before it gently seduces you into a deep sleep. Sit back and enjoy the stars because this high will have you flying over the moon. Customers find that their thinking is clear and elevated, and your body will feel good and warm. Its kind of a cross between couch glue and sparked ambition where you’ll make great plans to do something but also may not. How fantastic is that? We suggestion have a pen and paper handy to write down all of your incredible ideas! We cannot deny it, when you enjoy our Sugar Shack Hybrid Shatter you are predominantly going to feel  relaxation and happiness balanced by feelings of complete power.

Health Benefits

  1. Reduces pain
  2. Treats insomnia
  3. Appetite Increase
  4. Arthritis relief

The severity of the effects you experience with our Sugar Shack Hybrid Shatter will be directly correlated by the amount you consume.

Side Effects

No two bodies are the same. As you test each of our cannabis products, we advise you to observe the recommended doses and even try to stay just under our recommended dosage. The primary reason people use cannabis products is for their tendency to alleviate health related issues, so the side effects are inherent in the reason you turn to cannabis products. Observed side effects you should be aware of:

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Dizziness
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Relaxation


Product Line

We offer a complete line of  Shatter for you to shop from: Shop Now! For a complete guide on concentrates, check out Vancouver’s Guide On Cannabis Concentrates



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