THC Infused Bath Bomb Purple Haze by Organa


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THC Infused Bath Bomb Purple Haze by Organa is a strength and body wellness bath bomb.  Organa products consist of all natural, NON-GMO ingredients.
We believe in handcrafted products made in small batches to ensure quality. Fairtrade.
NEVER tested on animals.

125 grams, 75mg THC.
Ingredients + Effects
Baking Soda – exfoliator, anti-inflammatory
Epsom Salt – skin softener, exfoliator, anti-inflammatory
Pure Lemon Citric Acid – antioxidant, rich in Vitamin C
THC Oil – reduces; anxiety, depression and nausea
Indigo – anti-inflammatory, promotes skin healing
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a dry, cool place.

125 grams, 75mg THC.

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