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Our CBD Tincture 250mg is a plant-matter extraction into a carrier oil for easy consumption.

Life comes with pain but now you don’t have to live with it. CBD Tincture is an active liquid dietary supplement that you ingest orally or sublingually. This craft CBD tincture is quality tested and designed with natural health alternatives in mind.  Take it straight, or add it to your favorite morning beverage to bring about balance and harmony in your day!

Each bottle has 250 mg of CBD. 

*CBD tinctures are not psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high.

How To Use

Most professionals advise an ideal serving of CBD tincture could be 10mg or 20 drops per dose. Shake well before use. Use once or twice daily. Our tinctures is highly concentrated so you should use an eyedropper to carefully measure your ideal dose of Tincture.  When you are consuming CBD Tincture sublingually, you want to hold the tincture under your tongue for at least 1 minute to allow for faster absorption.


CBD Tincture can be used to treat anything you would use a CBD oil for but because it is a much more concentrated amount, you need a lot less to achieve the desired effects.

Health Benefits

1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Prevents cancer
3. Prevents neurodegenerative diseases
4. Reduces multiple sclerosis symptoms
5. Reduces symptoms of schizophrenia
6. Reduces seizures
7. Reduces anxiety
8. Reduces pain
9. Reduces nausea and increase appetite
10. Nerve pain
11. Insomnia


Side Effects

No two bodies are the same. As you test each of our cannabis and CBD products, we advise you to observe the recommended doses and even try to stay just under our recommended dosage. The primary reason people use CBD products is for their tendency to reduce anxiety and help you fall into a deep sleep, so the side effects are inherent in the reason you turn to CBD products. Observed side effects you should be aware of:

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Dizziness
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Relaxation


Product Line

We offer a complete line of  Tinctures for you to shop from: Shop Now!

CBD Tincture 250mg – Island Therapeutics

CBD Tincture – Island Therapeutics


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