Should You Smoke Cannabis after Tooth Extraction

This topic sounds oddly specific, but you got to do what you got to do. It is dedicated to all weed smokers who suffer from dentist issues. Have you ever had your tooth pulled? It seems pretty painful and the feeling is not the most pleasant as well. Your tongue might be swollen from all the numbing medical treatment, your mouth will hurt from all of that violent intrusion. Should I go any more graphic? I don’t think so.

It almost seems like you need to take something immediately in order to calm down and lessen the pain. So alcohol is definitely not an option, because your teeth might hurt like a butt cheek on a stick. Besides that, dentists strictly do not recommend mixing medicine with booze. Can you eat your feelings? No you cannot. It may cause even more pain and your cavities might be infected, so you should keep a diet for some time. But what can you essentially do when your heart is sore from that unpleasant procedure? Can you smoke cannabis after tooth extraction in order to calm down? What are the risks of smoking weed after tooth extraction? Guess we are about to find out.

When going to different forums, you should keep in track that none of those people are professionals and you are willing to ask your dentist. But, if for some reason you don’t want to ask questions about weed (I you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed), or this topic just slipped out of your mind, here are some explanations on smoking cannabis after tooth extraction.

We will sort it out in order. Although this operation is not difficult, you will still get injured. An open bleeding wound forms in your mouth. By removing the wisdom teeth, by the way, it can be quite extensive. Sometimes even stitches are placed on the gum, and drainage is put, which causes severe pain. But it does not happen so often, in especially difficult cases, so do not be scared! Each patient wants the wound to heal sooner, and there were no complications. If the responsibility for the operation lies on the shoulders of the dentist, then the patient himself is responsible for the postoperative period. On how thoroughly he will follow the advice of a doctor, it depends how quickly he can forget about the operation.

First of all, you need to listen carefully to all the recommendations of the dentist and strictly follow them. He must warn you what cannot be done in the post-operative period, when you can start eating, drinking, etc. He must take into account the individual amenities that are characteristic of the organism of a particular patient. Therefore, before the operation in detail, tell him about your chronic illnesses. If you are allergic to medicines, be sure to warn about it. Well, weed smokers should mention their habit. It is possible that after the surgery you can be prescribed treatment procedures. Everything will depend on how successfully the operation was performed and in what state the gum is located. And if the wisdom tooth was removed, these tips should be followed strictly so that there are no complications.

But what is so bad about the allergies and how it relates to weed? The thing is, after the operation as the intrusion into human organism, we suffer from internal stress. The structure of your dental are is being changed and the organism is fighting, producing a lot of healing units. It simply means that irritated mouth will cause more rough reaction to any kind of unprescribed chemicals. Smoking marijuana after tooth extraction may cause different reaction, other than your normal sessions. You can suddenly feel allergic and the effect will not bring you as much satisfaction as it normally would.

Sometimes it happens that the operation is more difficult than it would be desirable. Dentists can even overlap your cavities. It’s not necessary to be afraid, just need to take care of the traumatized place a little. For several days you should not smile wide and open your mouth too much. After all, this will stretch the muscles of the face, because overlapped stitches may disperse. So if you plan to hit the bong, it is bad for your muscles. You should avoid opening your mouth too wide and taking hits presupposes opening it wider than you would do if you smoked, say, a cigarette, or a joint, for example.

Why not recommended to smoke cannabis after tooth extraction?

Smoking cannabis after wisdom tooth extraction may cause the appearance of a dry socket.

What is a dry socket? After removing one of the permanent teeth, a blood clot forms at the site of its removal. This clot of blood is crucial, as it protects the bone and nerve endings in an empty hole.

A dry hole is formed if the blood clot is removed, dissolved, or not completely formed. In this case, the nerve endings and bone become bared and prone to infection. This condition is accompanied by severe pain in the oral cavity and in the face and requires prompt cure by the dentist. The blood clot sometimes shifts as a result of trauma or strong pressure to the empty hole. When you smoke, the sucking motion causes pressure on your gums. This pressure is enough to cause severe pain.

How long should you wait before smoking cannabis after a tooth extraction?

People often ask the following questions: “Can I smoke cannabis after tooth extraction and if I do, how soon can I smoke weed after tooth extraction?”

If after the tooth has been removed, the sutures have been stitched, then in this case it is necessary to give up smoking anything for a period of two to ten days. And a ten-day period is considered optimal for complete wound healing and resorption of sutures, which is not facilitated by smoking joints.

Recommendations, if you decide to smoke cannabis after tooth extraction

If you really want to smoke, you should endure at least two hours after removal. This is the minimum amount of time that will help you avoid dangerous consequences. But this is not the final time either. If the bleeding does not stop, then it will be necessary to wait until it stops completely. Up to this point, a joint you smoke can provoke pain and bleeding. That way, it is better for you to use edibles before the healing.

Experience of smoking cannabis after tooth extraction

Most people don’t feel uncomfortable because of the things a joint can contain. It is the motion that makes gums hurt. Dentist clients do not recommend you smoking right away, it is better to wait a day and then take a hit or a light blunt, but the suction should be minimal.

All in all, doctors and people who have tried smoking weed after tooth extraction do not recommend you doing it right after you left the clinic. It is worth waiting before the healing process finishes. Although weed is not as poisonous as tobacco, you still want to wait some time, about a day or two. Stay healthy!

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  1. Iwannasmoke 11 months ago

    What if you’re constantly drinking water? Or cover it up with a gause while smoking?

  2. Dee 1 month ago

    Had my tooth removed (top left #15/17) it was kinda difficult but after 30mins of what sounded like construction, it was over. My tooth came out in pieces and a big hole was stuffed with a paste then gauze. I left and went to smoke roughly 2-3 hrs later. Nothing happened. I changed the gauze with sanitized hands n pulled the joint from the right side of my mouth. My face was swollen but I got my buzz. It was 420 the next day, so I made sure to brush, floss n gargle with Listerine that night. Smoked a lot but kept drinking water n rinsing my mouth. Fingers crossed I heal up nicely.

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