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You may be hearing the words concentrates and extracts used interchangeably. There’s actually a distinct difference between the two. There are many types of concentrates including extracts. Concentrates keep specific parts of the cannabis plant, like the flavours, while taking away undesirable parts, like the stems. Extracts refer to types of concentrates that have gone through specific processes that use solvents to extract the desired parts of the cannabis plant.


All over the cannabis plant are small, hair-like compounds called trichomes. A concentrate is any marijuana derivative that’s created by collecting trichomes. Different concentrates and extracts have different textures and appearances. The ways in which trichomes are collected determines the kind of concentrate or extract. There are two ways to make concentrates. Trichomes can are either collected by physically removing them or by using liquid solvents. The concentrate is an extract when using the latter method. Physical separation involves a physical action to remove the trichomes. Liquid solvent extraction happens when a solution is created from separating specific ingredients from trichomes. The solution is then refined until you have very pure THC or CBD. Extracts use a closed-loop system to control factors like temperature.


Types of Concentrates and Extracts

shatter extract


Extracts are created using the solvents Butane, CO2, Propane, or Alcohol. These extracts include CO2 Oil, Wax/Budder, Live Resin, Shatter/Taffy, Distillate, Pie Crust/Honeycomb, Caviar/Jelly Hash, and Rick Simpson Oil.


Concentrates that don’t use solvents use water, pressure, or heat instead. These concentrates include Kief & Live Kief, Bubble Hash, Full Melt Bubble Hash, Dry Sift, and Rosin.


How to Consume


There are many ways to consume concentrates and extracts. You can smoke concentrates using pipes, bongs, or in a joint. You can also take concentrates mixed with food or take it under your tongue as a tincture. Vaporizers create a clean mist that doesn’t take a toll on the lungs the same way smoking does. Concentrates are also vaporized when dabbed, which is when you use a dab rig to heat it. Concentrates in the form of pills and edibles are a convenient way to consume cannabis. Ingestion tends to give longer lasting effects relative to other forms of consumption.


The main benefit of concentrates is potency. Furthermore, the effects are felt almost immediately. In particular, extracts can be very flavourful and provide a clear high. The process of extraction is better for the environment relative to drying flower. This process often kills microbial bacteria. The effects of concentrates can vary depending on the type of concentrate and the person.


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