Recent advancements in vaporization technology have made vapes more mobile, discreet, and generally convenient. Vaporization is proven to eliminate toxins and carcinogens that make marijuana smoke dangerous. Although studies have shown that marijuana smoke is less harmful than cigarette smoke, it still contains over 100 different toxins and compounds that are released upon combustion. Vapes not only protect the lungs and throat from damage, but offer a variety of other benefits as well, such as improved taste, and more mobility and privacy in their use.

Similarly to vapes, edibles allow users to consume marijuana without potentially damaging their health. Edibles can be found in a variety of forms, ranging from baking ingredients and baked goods, to capsules and beverages. Edibles will not only protect your health, but are convenient, delicious, and produce a high that can be intense and long-lasting.


How Does Vaporizing Weed Protect Your Lungs From Damage?

Vaporizers work by heating up marijuana to the point that it emits vapor, but not smoke. Even at higher temperatures, some vaporizers are capable of producing vapor containing less than 1% smoke. As such, vaporizers are capable of removing the majority of carcinogens and byproducts produced during the combustion process. These carcinogens irritate the throat and lungs and have the potential to cause chronic conditions such as bronchitis. By removing these compounds, vapes also allow people with sensitive lungs or throats to enjoy marijuana without having to endure the harshness of smoke.

In addition to being a better option for your health, vapes come with several other benefits. Many users report that vapor is clearer and has a more pronounced taste, making vaporization a more pleasant experience than smoking. Many vapes allow users to control the temperature of the vapor produced, allowing consumers with sensitive or easily irritable throats to avoid coughing or discomfort. Also, because vapor is thinner and dissipates much quicker than smoke, vapes can be used more discreetly when in public, providing consumers with a greater degree of privacy.


What About Edibles?

Edibles are probably the most health-conscious method of consuming marijuana. There are virtually no negative side effects that have ever been associated to the consumption of edible marijuana. Edibles usually generate a long-lasting body high that is characterized by physical sensations of euphoria and full-body relaxation. Extracted THC and CBD can be combined with cooking ingredients such as oils, butters, or honey, and added to any number of recipes or beverages. Additionally, these ingredients can be placed into small, odorless capsules for maximum carrying convenience.

Edibles are a discreet option for consuming marijuana while protecting your health. The amount of cannabinoids in edibles can be closely measured, and as such, edibles allow marijuana users to know exactly how much of each marijuana compound they are consuming. Moreover, edibles come in various forms, giving users a range of options depending on where, when, and how they wish to medicate.

Edibles and vapes are just some of many health-conscious options for consuming cannabinoids such as THC or CBD. Other options include tinctures that can provide immediate effects, peaking within 45 minutes, or timed-release transdermal patches that can provide users with long-lasting effects throughout the day. Whether opting for vapes, edibles, tinctures, or patches, consumers of marijuana should be aware that there are numerous methods of consumption that can protect their respiratory health, while still allowing them to enjoy the plant.


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