Welcome to the world of marijuana concentrates. This is the complete guide on cannabis concentrates for Vancouver’s marijuana users. Whether you’re new to concentrates, or a pro, this article should help you make informed decisions when using these forms of cannabis. We’ll introduce you to the most common types of cannabis extracts, the dangers and how to use them properly.

So What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

“Concentrates” is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of different cannabis extracts but

many of them are different names for the same thing. They are derived from the cannabis flower using various cannabinoid extraction methods.   The different types of concentrates come from the different extraction processes and solvents used. The end product is a highly potent oil with varying consistencies

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds in marijuana that come from the tiny crystals on cannabis flower. The the most popular chemical compounds is THC. It’s known for its psychoactive and pain-killing effects. Another is CBD which offers the most health benefits without getting you high. This can be great for medical marijuana users as the effects on your mood and perception are minimal.


DANGER! Marijuana Concentrates Have a Very High Potency.

Cannabis concentrates are becoming increasingly popular but there are a few things you should know before using them. The most important distinction between marijuana and concentrates is it’s extremely high potency.  Concentrates are far more potent than any bud you have ever rolled up and smoked.  Marijuana potency tends to range between 10-25%

“The levels of THC in concentrates can be range between 50% – 90%!”

Just remember to always start with a low dose. Don’t ruin your experience by rushing into it, getting way too high, and freaking out. Start with just one hit and see how you feel. If you have a low tolerance share 1 hit with a friend and dab slowly!
Expect to pay more for marijuana concentrates because the THC content is so high. The more potent forms of concentrates cost more. Pricing can range between $30-$60 per gram. That sounds like a lot but remember one gram will last you a long time because you won’t need very much. Just a tiny little dab the size of a pinhead can get you high.

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