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Since Canada legalized cannabis last year, many are speculating what country will be next. There are a handful of countries that have modified their cannabis laws, and many states have legalized cannabis for either medicinal or recreational use. The tide of public opinion is turning on a global scale.


Uruguay legalized recreational cannabis in 2013. Canada became the second country to follow suit in October 2018. Canada, however, is the first G7 nation to do so.


The following countries made changes to their cannabis laws, which might be an indicator that they will legalize recreational cannabis in the near future.




In 2001, Portugal took the remarkable step of decriminalizing all drugs. In the same year that Canada legalized cannabis, Portugal introduced a bill to legalize medical cannabis.


The Netherlands


Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not legal federally in The Netherlands. While the country has become a hotbed for cannabis tourism, cannabis advocates are still fighting for complete legalization of cannabis for recreational use. Currently, the government is considering having a licensed producer supply cannabis to certain cities within The Netherlands.




In 2015, possession of cannabis was decriminalized and citizens were allowed to cultivate up to five plants. With medical cannabis already legal, the first medical cannabis dispensary was opened at the beginning of 2018.


South Africa


The Supreme Court made cannabis legal to be grown for personal use in 2018. This did not include commercial distribution, however. With personal use legal, South Africa may be at the precipice of complete legalization



Mexico’s march to legalization began in 2015. Since then, the Supreme Court has made a handful of rulings to further the discussion of cannabis legalization. What’s more, Mexico’s current president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, wants to legalize cannabis.


As you can see, the global discussion surrounding legalizing cannabis is shifting. This is a chance for Canada to take a permanent leadership role in this new and exciting frontier.

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